The boy was mediocre in grade one and two, and excellent in grade three, because his grandfather did one thing right

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After my daughter entered the third grade of primary school, I found that many children who had scored 100 points in the first and second grades in the past declined seriously in the third grade.And some children originally read grade one and two scores mediocre, to the third grade performance but jumped into excellent students, amazing!My daughter’s class has such a little boy, primary school grade one or two grades mediocre, belong to the middle.Unexpectedly promoted to the third grade, all subjects among the best, especially the Chinese performance jumped to the first class.At a parents’ meeting, when the head teacher asked the boy’s parents to share their learning experience, we learned that the boy had been brought up by his grandfather.His grandfather is a retired senior Chinese teacher with rich experience in education.He shared that he had been reading ancient Chinese prose to his grandson and reading a lot of picture books since he was in kindergarten.When his grandson was in the first grade of primary school, he intentionally let him read a lot of ancient Chinese prose and Chinese studies, the purpose is to cultivate his understanding of ancient Chinese prose in advance, so that his Chinese achievements can be accumulated.Is it really so important for children’s grades to have them read ancient texts?I was skeptical at first, but I didn’t believe it until I watched a video of an upperclassman from Peking University’s Chinese department.Pai Pai, a former Chinese teacher in primary school, middle school and high school, said that if his mother had not forced him to read ancient Chinese every day since childhood, he would not have scored 140 points in Chinese in the college entrance examination, and would not have been admitted to the Chinese Department of Peking University.At the same time, the boy’s grandfather based on years of teaching experience, also gives two points of explanation :1. From the first grade to let children read small ancient prose, to cultivate children’s good reading habits and learning interest is very important to know that primary school grade one and two learning knowledge, most children in the preschool class has mastered almost.In addition to the simple content of the test, it is common for children to score 100 points.But after the third grade, the Chinese test papers began to test reading comprehension and composition, which are the big questions to draw marks.If the children do not read ancient Chinese, and their understanding ability is not strong, their Chinese scores will decline a lot.Even when doing math word problems, they will lose points because they misunderstood the meaning of the question.But if the child to develop the habit of reading small ancient prose, then the child will gradually like the language, and abdominal poetry qi from China.2. At the latest in the second semester of the first grade, children should accompany their children to read small ancient prose, otherwise after the third grade, children’s Chinese scores can not be top.As a senior Chinese teacher, the boy’s grandfather knows very well the importance of reading ancient Chinese literature to children.You should know that from the third year of primary school to the college entrance examination, the reading materials in the Chinese test paper will involve a large number of classical Chinese, ancient poetry.If children read small ancient prose since childhood, they can continue to accumulate words, idioms, poems in ancient prose, and improve their cultural literacy. The most important thing is that after entering high school, Chinese scores will be obviously top, and even can open the distance of more than 10 points of other children when they enter the college entrance examination.In addition to the reform of the traditional culture of the middle school entrance examination, the ancient poems are part of the rest of the core is the ancient prose, if the child does not read the little ancient prose in primary school, then he began to read yueyang Tower Records, Small Stone Pond Records when he is in junior high school, which is basically a waste of points.So in the whole primary school period, must read the small ancient prose well!So what kind of ancient literature is suitable for junior students to read?You know, in our impression, ancient prose is boring and difficult to understand, if you do not choose the right books, it is easy to let children lose interest in reading.After the parents’ meeting, the boy’s grandfather shared with us a set of books named “I Love reading Ancient Prose”, which he chose after careful consideration and comparison of several versions.I went home and bought a set for my daughter. After receiving the book, I accompanied my daughter to read it carefully and found that this set of books was too suitable for lower grade children to read.The small ancient prose in this series is not only easy to understand, but the most important thing is that this 2 points is very suitable for primary school students to read: first of all, by authoritative media recommendation, universal recognition high set of CCTV, People’s Daily recommended this book had this ancient enlightenment is very suitable for children, to let children get the pure traditional Chinese enlightenment.In addition, this set of books is a famous education expert Wang Pingping bent for children “tailored” ancient reading, very in line with the reading psychology of primary school students, so that children can not stop reading.Secondly, the selected small ancient essays in the book are children into the primary and high school must learn the classic chapter this set of 120 small ancient essays excerpted from the “Analects of Confucius”, “Records of the Historian”, “Mencius”, “Confucius” and other classic books carefully selected out.Each piece of ancient prose has its own characteristics, either humorous, or elegant, or mysterious novel, especially in line with the psychological characteristics of primary school students.For example, the book excerpt “Free and Untrammable tour”, “Peach Blossom Land”, “drunkard pavilion”, “Love Lotus said”, “crocodile”, “Renan book”, “Tengwangge preface” and other chapters, are children into junior high school, high school must learn the ancient text, can lay a good language foundation for children later writing.And this set of “I love to read ancient prose” typesetting exquisite, detailed notes, a total of spring, summer, autumn, winter four volumes.The whole set of books are illustrated in watercolor and annotated with phonetic notes, so there is no need to worry that children will lose interest because they cannot understand them.To know that children into the third grade, the Chinese class will gradually appear classical Chinese reading, to middle and high school, classical Chinese in the test score will be more and more high.If the child from the first grade of primary school began to read small ancient prose, then into the third grade, the child’s Chinese performance will be able to steadily rise.If you want to let the child’s Chinese scores from childhood top, want to let the child easily fall in love with ancient prose, then you can try this set of “I love to read ancient prose”.This set of 4 books, the price is only 49 yuan, each book is only 12 yuan, which is the price of 3 cups of milk tea, is a great deal!As long as the child reads the small ancient prose aloud for a period of time, you will find that the child’s understanding ability will obviously improve a lot.Interested parents can click the link below to purchase: