The largest specifications of special graphite in sanmenxia here to achieve mass production

2022-06-21 0 By

“Look, this is our independent research and development of large diameter isostatic pressed graphite, diameter and height of 1300 mm.Our company is the only one in China that can mass produce this kind of special graphite products.”A few days ago, in Lingbao City Yuling Industrial Park Henan Wanguan Industrial Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Wanguan Industry”), the company’s chairman Zhao Wancang pointed to the cylindrical special graphite products standing on the ground proudly said.It is understood that on December 31, 2021, as wanguan Industry quality inspection personnel lifted the last piece of isostatic pressed graphite from the crucible, the company’s research and development of large diameter isostatic pressed graphite to achieve mass production, the rate of finished products reached 100%, filling the gap in the field in China.This technology is China’s achievement of breaking through decades of foreign technology blockade in the research and development of large specification special graphite products, and is a new milestone in China’s special graphite industry, marking a new height of China’s special graphite high-end product manufacturing.According to introduction, isostatic pressed graphite is also called isostatic pressed isotropic graphite, is a new type of carbon material.The high purity graphite is pressed by isostatic pressing forming technology, and the graphite formed in different directions has the same performance value. It is a high-tech product in special graphite products. The international price per ton is more than one million yuan, and the top product can reach 4 million yuan per ton.The material is not only widely used in civil applications, but also in aviation, aerospace, nuclear reactors, military and other cutting-edge fields of national defense.