The year of heavy snow

2022-06-21 0 By

New Year’s Eve snow falling, the flavor of the year is gradually becoming stronger, white snow world, we welcome the New Year together, in the year of the tiger, good luck.This year posted a lot of blessings, wish the next year full of blessings, and the snow hope, indicates a smooth New Year.Distant mountains and close shots set each other off, the snow world is too beautiful, speechless shock speechless beauty.In the south, such a snow day is very rare to see, once or twice a year, and the snow will melt quickly, so the children in the south are so excited to see the snow.White as salt, fine as sand, this year with snow, I wish everyone is very happy.White snow, in this New Year, I wish you a down-to-earth, step by step, toward the New Year, I wish you do not look back, there are things in front of you to pursue, there are people you love.Sit around the stove, New Year’s goods on the table, we Lao home!Shousui Shousui, time is long, the night is also long, happiness needs a little patience.New Year’s Eve, To the New Year, shousui fireworks, open money to home.I am a green wood salt fish, welcome to exchange and learn with me, common progress and growth.