“CD” has become a habit, the New Year is no exception!Taiyuan: people’s New Year’s Eve dinner simple and delicate not waste

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“The New Year’s Eve dinner menu is fresh, simple and delicate, must be ‘disc’, welcome to the crowd.”On the 28th day of the 12th lunar Month, Ms. Cao, a citizen, posted a New Year’s Eve dinner menu on weibo. A family of four, with three meat dishes and three vegetables, are exquisite small portions, with both ingredients and taste.The reporter visited also found that “CD” has become a habit of citizens, of course, the New Year is no exception;The New Year’s Eve dinner should be eaten up, which is the highest courtesy to delicious food.”All the seats from New Year’s Eve to the third day of the Chinese New Year are fully booked.”Food street a hotel staff told reporters that their booking signs from the beginning of November last year to play out.”We focus on home-cooked food, which is affordable and delicious, attracting many citizens.”The reporter found in the interview, from the first day to the seventh day, the hall of most of the old brand hotel is difficult to seek a table, the dinner reservation of many small and medium-sized hotels is also very hot, especially the restaurant that manages the public, par cuisine is very popular with citizens.These specialty restaurants in the quality of dishes at the same time, the price is more and more close to the people, popular, specialty food has become the mainstream of the people’s New Year’s Eve dinner.”City cuisine catering association responsible person said, many catering enterprises also strengthen the characteristics of marketing, launched a variety of preferential activities, during the Spring Festival multi-channel gathering popularity.What New Year’s Eve dinner does is common people business, not material benefit who will pay bill?A restaurant on Xinjian Road said, “The New Year’s Eve dinner has been booked long ago.Every year, the price of food is about the same, the average consumption is about 80 or 90 yuan, the same as usual.In recent years, most people take away the dishes they can’t finish at the New Year’s Eve dinner, and the dishes they bring back are almost empty. Guests have formed a habit of eating as much as they want and packing what they haven’t finished.”The reporter learned in a chain restaurant, now eat not to finish packing to take away has become a lot of people’s consensus, and some people will specially take packing box, health and environmental protection.”We also ask if we need a doggy bag when we see a table that has food left and encourage people to take it away.”Waiter said.In addition to the New Year’s Eve dinner in the hotel, the reporter learned that there are still a large number of citizens like to dine at home, both the Atmosphere of the New Year, and healthy and frugal.”Families cook a New Year’s Eve dinner together. It’s more enjoyable and enjoyable than eating out.”Eating out involves booking, running around, taking time off and possibly being cold, which detracts from the festivities.””Citizen Zhang Lei said.Mrs Dong, who lives in ripple Street, chooses to eat at home, arguing that going out for the dinner is convenient but makes it less troublesome to make preparations.In her opinion, the New Year’s Eve dinner must be cooked together at home because there is a “happy time” for family reunion behind it, rather than the dinner itself.”New Year’s Eve dinner at home is safer and more affordable.During the Chinese New Year, if you want to eat in a restaurant, a New Year’s Eve dinner can cost more than 1,000 yuan, which may not be suitable for your taste. If you prepare it at home, you can buy more diverse and fresher ingredients for the same price.In the past, I always wanted to cook more dishes for Chinese New Year. If I couldn’t finish this meal, I would have the next one, and then I would throw it away.In recent years, the New Year’s Eve dinner all CD, eat a meal to cook, eat fresh and healthy.”Source: Taiyuan Evening News