India proud again?China spent 20 million to overcome the difficulties, India spent 20 million to overcome the difficulties

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How proud is India this time that it took us $20 million to overcome a technological challenge that India easily solved for $20 million?Many Indian netizens even mocked China for being “stupid and rich”. What is going on here?As is known to all, is indispensable to modern navy aircraft carrier, is also a symbol of national comprehensive national strength, the aircraft carrier itself does not combat capability, main battle weapon is air carrier aircraft, the aircraft carrier is just air carrier aircraft take-off and landing platform at sea, the aircraft carrier generally always a carrier battle group at the heart of the ship and other ships in the fleet, to provide protection and supply,The carrier in the middle provides air cover and long-range strike capability.In today’s world, not many countries have aircraft carriers, only nine countries have their own aircraft carriers, and only a few superpowers can form an effective war force.Many countries do not have aircraft carriers, not only because of the high cost of aircraft carriers, but also the unimaginably high maintenance cost of aircraft carriers, so many countries can afford to buy them, but cannot afford to keep them. From the design to the service of an aircraft carrier, they spend money every day, even a small screw on the aircraft carrier is very expensive.There are many standard equipment for aircraft carriers, such as tractors and blocking cables, among which the most expensive is the tractor. Although it has the same function as the airport tractor, it needs special technology because it is designed on the aircraft carrier. In order to overcome this technical difficulty, China has spent 20 million yuan.Our old neighbor India easily solved it for 20,000 yuan, but is the deck tractor built by India as good as the one built for 20,000 yuan. Do you know why India’s carrier tractor is so cheap?It turns out that the tractors on Indian aircraft carriers are not special deck tractors, but civilian tractors.We all know that India’s population, but very few technical personnel, many technologies are imported from abroad, when they build the aircraft carrier, bought carrier-borne machine, elevator, only to find that the many aircraft can not move, can only and to other countries to buy deck tractor, tens of millions of price which is hard for India, think so expensive, in the robbery.India, which is not willing to spend money, has to work hard to solve this problem, but with India’s R&D capabilities, it is impossible to develop such a high-tech thing, but you can’t use cows to pull carrier-based aircraft, as all cows in India are used for blowing.Finally, the Indians came up with what they thought was the perfect way to pull things anyway, not with tractors, and tractors were cheap.When Indian people are proud of their “wisdom” and laugh at China for being “stupid and rich”, what they don’t know is that the rest of the world is also waiting to see their jokes.Tractor and tractor on strength doesn’t turn out to be a level, the only advantage is cheap, the disadvantages of tractor is very obvious, the tractor body is too heavy, turn a corner on the small deck need to be around a big circle, could not light to complete aircraft scheduling, and also it is easy to cause damage to the aircraft,Once the tractor accidentally comes to a simple side slip, it may make the carrier-borne aircraft appear hidden trouble, once the carrier-borne aircraft appear any accident, will cause huge losses.More let a person feel funny, India in order to allow the tractor to work on an aircraft carrier, the carrier was also modified, is really confuse primary and secondary, other countries are carrier as the leading factor, configuration of auxiliary, on the contrary, India must know the carrier once this transformation, not only lost the professional, more cannot guarantee full performance of the carrier.Take a look at the tractor developed in our country, what are the advantages?Speaking of our country’s research and development of tractor road, also suffered a lot, at first, China is also intended to foreign imports, but encounter brush-off, the only independent research and development, to some countries didn’t expect, after China’s scientific research personnel of research and developed our country own deck tractor, back and forth about 20 million of funds invested.Any configuration for our country, the carrier should have it some functions, especially the tractor so important configuration, at the beginning of the design, in order to take into account the carrier will drive because of the wind and waves on the surface of swing, tractor must hold the center of gravity, ensure that even under the bad weather, also can do all kinds of traction, and ensure that traffic vehicle intact,So the tractor has a low design.Moreover, due to the limited deck space of aircraft carriers, in order to make the tractor play a powerful thrust in the limited space, pull the carrier-borne aircraft to the correct position, and make the carrier-borne aircraft glide more smoothly, the technical requirements of deck tractors are very high, and China’s tractors are equipped with fire fighting, lifting and other functions.The tractor development in China and is not an Indian ordinary tractor will be able to match, then look at India’s behavior, although there is a strong dream not wrong, but there’s an old saying in China, while the iron is hot still need their own hard, want to achieve great power dream, is to be a a footstep to come out of, opportunistic, will only let others embarrassment, without any help on growth of their country’s strength.On the contrary, China is getting closer and closer to becoming a strong country, and China’s strength is naturally inseparable from the unremitting efforts of countless Chinese researchers.