Qujing: Focus on nine key work and strive to cross the target in three years

2022-06-22 0 By

Seize the economy at full throttle, strive for development with full vigor, and work with vigor.February 7th is the first working day after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger. The site of Qujing Jingao’s annual output of 20GW monocrystalline silicon rod and slice project, and the site of Zhanyi Suotongyun Aluminum’s 900,000 tons anode carbon project…Whether it is key infrastructure, green silicon photovoltaic, new energy industry, the whole city of Qujing with “the beginning is a decisive battle, the start is sprint” entrepreneurial enthusiasm, high morale, to meet the challenges of the New Year.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, especially since 2019, Qujing has focused on the theme of transformation and development, vigorously promoted the “three transformations” of industry, society and capacity and style, achieved leap-forward catch-up and historic achievements in economic and social development.From 2019 to 2021, the city’s GDP will increase by 104.6 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 9.4 percent, fixed asset investment by 12.6 percent, and industrial added value above designated size by 11.2 percent.After in-depth study and overall consideration, The Qujing Municipal Party Committee and Government proposed thatIn the future should focus on building a modern industrial system, advancing the new urbanization, consolidate the development of poverty crucial results effective connection with country revitalization, strengthening the construction of ecological civilization, strengthen the basic social governance, overall development and security, build open highland, continue to promote the well-being of the people’s livelihood nine aspects, comprehensively strengthen the party’s construction priorities,According to the requirements of “task project, project list, list responsibility”, the three-year action plan is systematically developed in different industries, and the target tasks, work standards, completion time, responsible units, responsible personnel, assessment requirements, etc., are specified and listed.We will follow through on a blueprint and implement it year by year. We will ensure that all our work gets off to a new start one year, achieves qualitative improvement in two years, and makes new strides in three years. This will lay a solid foundation for achieving high-quality development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.The year 2022 is the start year for Qujing to forge ahead on a new journey and promote a new spanning three years of action. On the first day of work after the holiday, Qujing made a systematic plan and deployment on 9 aspects of key work, clarified working ideas, objectives, tasks, policies and measures, and ensured the progress of all work in a “chess game”.In terms of building a modern industrial system, Qujing Development and Reform Commission will actively promote the gathering and development of new energy battery, green silicon photovoltaic and green aluminum intensive processing industries and accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system in accordance with the idea of “whole-chain building, park gathering, leading, friendly and clean win-win”.At the same time, the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government are actively seeking measures and opinions to support Qujing’s construction as a sub-central city of Yunnan, highlighting the three major elements of production, city and people, and striving to realize that the central city will gather 58% of the city’s GROSS regional product by 2024.Qujing city investment promotion bureau to seriously implement the CPC municipal committee and municipal government decision deployment, immediately start to strengthen the investment promotion action plan for three years in the city, strive to achieve total investment continues to grow, to bring the big strong continues to improve, the effect of merchants continued ascension, each index is higher than the province of “four to ensure” regional average.Centering on the goal that all industrial added value accounts for 34% of GDP by 2024, Qujing Industry and Information Technology Bureau will focus on the cultivation and expansion of emerging industries and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to ensure that 300 billion level industries realize the development of the whole industry chain, and 6 billion level industries realize upgrading.Yunnan net reporter Zhang Wen