There is a piece of marble in the Imperial Palace, why is it known as precious ornamental stone, three reasons other stone than

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Inside the Forbidden City in Beijing, there is a special ornamental stone named “Marble making”.Why did he claim to be the no.1 ornamental stone in the Forbidden City?Just for three important reasons.If you want to know, let xiaobian to reveal for you :(all pictures in this article, all from the network, thank the original author, such as infringement of your rights, please contact the number of the author to delete.The Imperial Palace, also known as the Forbidden City, was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties handled government affairs and lived. It is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese architecture because of its magnificent momentum and huge architecture.At the same time, the Forbidden City is also an important treasure house of China’s cultural heritage, which displays the Classic cultural relics of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. It is an art treasure house for people all over the world.It is worth mentioning that in the imperial garden of the Forbidden City, there are also many strange shaped stones, although they are different in shape, but all come from different regions, but can be classified as “strange stones”.On the left and right sides of the Tianyi Gate road in the Forbidden City, there are two Zhuge Baidou stone and sea cucumber stone, both of which have natural stone spots, one of which shows white scars, similar to the Big Dipper.The other stone is more like zhuge Liang, the famous minister of Shu during The Three Kingdoms period, bowing. Together, the two stones are the shape of Zhuge Liang paying homage to the stars.Sea cucumber stone is more interesting, the stone is oval, and the body is covered with protrusions, both from the color or form, and sea cucumber is very similar, hence the name.But you may not know, in fact, the above three kinds of stone together, are not as valuable as another stone, it is marble.In 1935, the Palace Museum Weekly magazine 433 and 434 introduced that the “marble” was originally located in the northwest corner of huifeng Pavilion behind the Hall of Fuchen.It was nine feet high, seven four inches high at the left end, two feet four inches wide, six five inches high at the side, one foot seven at the top, one foot five four in the middle, one foot two eight at the bottom.Lingbi stone, dark brown color, with yellow halo stone grain, knock the sound of qingyue if copper.That is to say, marble is a kind of spiritual stone, its appearance is dark brown, but there are many yellow halo stripes, if gently tapped, will send out a pleasant metal sound.It is only because the stone looks like a white cloud that it is called “cloud-making”.At this point, many readers may wonder why marble is so precious.In fact, there are mainly the following three reasons: the first precious reason for the marble, is that it is the Forbidden City in the ancient ancestors can admire the stone (one of the earliest), the only one in the Forbidden City has a precise inscription of the Yuan Dynasty stone, the ages, the oldest qualification.The marble was originally in the Yushan thatched Cottage of Gu Ying, beside the stream of Kunshan Border in Jiangsu Province. However, after the wars of the late Yuan Dynasty and the early Ming Dynasty, the thatched cottage was destroyed by the war. After that, the marble was lost, and no one knew why it appeared in the Forbidden City.What is certain, however, is that it was put into the Forbidden City shortly after it was built, and it is older than any other relic.The second reason why marble is so valuable is because of its unique shape.The shape of the marble is like a beautiful white cloud, its elegant and free feeling, as if it can float to the sky.Often watch the stone visitors, will produce the illusion of clouds, and even many people have mistakenly identified it as “artificial white clouds”, its shape is absolutely amazing.The third precious reason for making marble lies in the handwriting of many celebrities on the stone.The marble is inscribed by many people in yuan and Ming Dynasty (there are eight inscriptions in total, four yuan people and three Ming People).”Cloud making” is written in the stone forehead, lian Fu, is the Yuan Dynasty Yang Weizhen handwriting.”Jade Hill Cottage essence play” is a six-character seal script, arranged on the side of the upper part, is the yuan dynasty people Zheng Yuanyou handwriting.In addition, yuan Ziying, Li Tingbi, Fang Waiyou, Zhang Boyu, Qi Yuanpu and other talented people also have inscriptions on the stone body, so that the value of the marble increased, almost became the most valuable treasure in the Palace City.Unfortunately, due to the ages, the inscription on the marble has been slightly blurred and needs to be protected.For such a valuable cultural relic, we need to focus on protecting it. After all, it is one of the important cultural heritages in our cultural treasure house and deserves everyone’s attention.Reference: The Forbidden City by Cao Jianwei Published by Beijing Publishing House wen Xiucai, chief editor of Wen Lanchairun Studio. This article is written by Zhao Zichu, Changshan Historical writer