How can ability learn phonetic symbol quickly?

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How can ability learn phonetic symbol quickly?1. Spend more time to listen to the pronunciation of phonetic symbols, on the basis of understanding deep memory.In order to learn phonetic symbols well, the essential first step is to understand the pronunciation of phonetic symbols, which is also the most important step to understand phonetic symbols.Listen carefully to how the phonetic symbols read, carefully observe the reader’s mouth shape, accurate memory of each phonetic pronunciation.For memory phonetic symbols, similar pronunciation phonetic symbols can be classified into a group, with the group as a unit, a group of memory will be much better.But it should be noted that although some phonetic symbols are similar in pronunciation, it is necessary to find out their differences and memorize them deeply.2. Read out the phonetic symbols boldly, and correct them in time if they are not read correctly. Try to read the phonetic symbols correctly and quickly.Understand the phonetic pronunciation, the next is their own voice.If you don’t practice how to read, you will never learn phonetic symbols, so “reading” is also very important.In spare time, you should bravely practice pronunciation, learn how to read the phonetic symbols correctly, carefully observe the mouth shape of the pronunciation mark, if you can’t judge your pronunciation, you can ask your parents to evaluate.Incorrect pronunciation should be corrected in time.3 practice frequently. Phonetic symbols are an important prerequisite for reading and memorizing words. Multiple letter combinations of phonetic symbols will be different and need more practice.Learning phonetic symbols is to read words in the future, but also convenient to remember words.The pronunciation of a word is made up of different phonetic symbols. The collision of several phonetic symbols will sometimes cause some changes, which should be kept in mind by the students.