Huang Xiaoming sends roses one by one on Valentine’s Day!And Jiang Xin generous jokes, the most pet play daughter

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Huang xiaoming sent a video blessing to the cast on Valentine’s Day, and many netizens are full of praise for huang xiaoming.Another star in the video is Jiang Xin, who once had a relationship with Huang xiaoming.When two people meet, there is no slightest fear, but also played a joke.Jiang xin said that since her debut, she has never had an affair with other male stars, it must be because of Huang Xiaoming.Huang Xiaoming also in the side of the embellishment, said he was Jiang Xin, it can be seen that the two feelings are very good, but it is open friends.Huang xiaoming gave his birthday presents to all the staff.He is holding a big bunch of red roses, along the way to meet any girl, give her a bunch, a pair of idol drama appearance, Xiaoming brother is “bully”.What’s more, he also sent a red envelope in the group, which said that male colleagues should not rob her.Of course, men will not be offended by this, after all, it is Valentine’s Day, whether male or female, Huang Xiaoming will prepare chocolate for everyone, let the men line up.Huang xiaoming also sent the teenager filming a snack, which he also wanted.And Huang Xiaoming most “eccentric”, is the little girl who plays his daughter, not only sent a bunch of flowers, but also prepared a surprise for her.The little girl took the gift, but also very obedient called out “dad”.Huang Xiaoming saw her body of those exquisite ornaments, could not help but praise 1, “if I had a daughter, I also take her to play.”In Huang xiaoming’s words, there was a note of tenderness and anticipation in his voice.Sure enough, no man can resist the gentle and considerate offensive, although Huang Xiaoming wants to have a daughter, but it is impossible in a short half meeting.When Huang xiaoming finds his true love, his “girl dream” will come true.At that time, I would like to see, this “bully”, in the end how love his daughter, or like he to his small sponge?