Zhu Ting delivered the good news at four in the morning!CAI Bin laugh heartily, Zhu Yuan Zhang reunite, Paris want to win

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April 6 at 4 am twila on social media updates the social dynamic, drying out a picture of the successful operation, twila wrist with plaster cast, but see her very excited, from twila expression may twila thinks his surgery was very successful in the first place to fans, she also sends back on the women’s volleyball team and led the women’s volleyball team to board the peak information.Because the Tokyo Olympic Games delayed twila also postponed his wrist treatment date, but the war wounded twila play to poor performance of the Olympic Games in Tokyo was criticized by many, the Olympics twila has been dormant and no immediately after surgery, according to twila the surgery had a great influence on their will please the best doctor for her surgery.Now twila surgery success means she return to the national team has not far, it also makes a lot of fans excited, women’s volleyball team is twila is the world strong team not strong team is the world’s second, so you can see twila core position in the women’s volleyball team, so a lot fans expect twila restore best return, good blazed a led the women’s volleyball team.Twila choose surgery abroad also reflects her attitude of careful, lang ping before the Olympic Games take twila find domestic specialists should conclude twila conservative treatment should not surgery, it also delayed twila surgery the best time to let the Chinese women’s volleyball team also broken dreams in Tokyo, so fans and twila for domestic experts is not very trust, twila surgery abroad is also her most correct choice.Now Zhu Ting’s announcement of safety also makes fans very happy. As long as Zhu Ting gets rid of the trouble of wrist injury, she is still the world’s no. 1 main scorer. Therefore, Chinese Women’s Volleyball team is a strong team in the world, and Zhu Ting, as the world’s top player, is the anchor of women’s volleyball team.The fans have deep feelings for the women’s volleyball team and are all hardcore fans. The success of the core operation of the women’s volleyball team is really a great news.Twila successful operation is also good news for has, is likely to be after he took over the national women’s volleyball team sweeping reforms, but no matter how reform has also need twila this world the first ace spiker, Li Yingying can replace the core status of twila, women’s volleyball team in the future requires not only twila Zhang Changning and Yuan Xinyue,In the future, The Chinese women’s volleyball team will still take Zhu Yuanzhang as the core to compete in the world championships.For Chinese women’s volleyball team has the biggest task is the Asian games and world championship this year, but the time is conflict can only send two women’s volleyball team to play the game, considering that the focus of foreign operations in the Asian games is home women’s volleyball team is likely to be in the Asian games, women’s volleyball team to build confidence to show their strength by the Asian games, Asian games so we will do our best.For successful operation is in recovering stage twila return over a period of time, she has also won’t eager to let twila comeback, Zhang Changning and Yuan Xinyue, too, has makes these veterans have a good rest aftercare body, has served to zhu yuan zhang combination can healthy appeared at the Paris Olympics can let the women’s volleyball team to win again.As long as twila Olympic Games could have won the women’s volleyball team Paris now twila, Zhang Changning core players for surgery, to raise, count on them to participate in this year’s Asian games and world championship is not reality, but the 2023 World Cup Chinese women’s volleyball team to play in the World Cup in our team, the goal of the Chinese women’s volleyball team is the 2024 Paris Olympics,As long as Zhu Ting, Yuan Xinyue, Zhang Changning and others can maintain their peak form, the women’s volleyball team can still win the Olympic title.Can be