Clean people are beautiful, clean people, whether rich or poor will keep clean

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Like clean people, my mother-in-law’s house is full of expired food, moldy fruit seeds, broken boxes that can’t be closed, old clothes that haven’t been worn for 800 years, wet and dirty rags, hollowed out red envelopes and bags, etc.We’ve been living together for 5 years. I’m tired of cleaning. The point is, she doesn’t let me throw anything away.We couldn’t take it anymore, so we bought another house and moved out.Then I went back to my mother-in-law’s house. It was indescribable. There was no room for a cup on the table.Two days before the Chinese New Year, I picked up a few sacks and threw them away. They still refused to let me throw them away, so THEY put them there and did not move for several years.My grandmother also like this, do not let still, that do not let still, a pile of broken clothes, lost also have to go to pick up, take her there is no way.The house was so crowded with stuff that any junk was a treasure.My mother-in-law do not clean the New Year, in addition to the spider web sweep, my home is not in the countryside, the ground shoes socks tattered all kinds of things mixed together, hanging drops on the wall…Just married when I can not go down to clean up, useless, you do well in front of her back as usual, do not sweep calculate also do not maintain.Then I left it alone and cleaned up my own room.I’ve never seen my mother-in-law clean the house or clean up in decades.Had eaten a meal to have farm work to work, have no farm work to visit a door, play cards, smoke to hope to stay.The home was always like a rubbish dump. Empty and full bottles on the kitchen hearth, cutting board and vegetable basket were all black and greasy. She liked to put a black towel on her shoulder, which could not be distinguished from the color, and wipe the sweat on her face and the running nose.So I only stay at her husband’s house for one night during the Spring Festival and then leave. I either go there and come back on the same day or I don’t go back for several years. My mother-in-law also hopes that we don’t go back for the Spring Festival so that she doesn’t have to cook more.Clean people, whether rich or poor, keep clean.It’s an attitude towards life, it’s a character, it has nothing to do with wealth or poverty.I have to make my own place neat and tidy, put everything back where I used it, and my friends like to come to my place. It’s nice and tidy.I once saw an old woman in the countryside, on the hospital bed, wearing a pair of socks, each has been filled with about seven or eight patches of different sizes, the stitching is fine and neat, each patch is square.Amazingly, the socks were so clean that there was not a stain on them.She was wearing an old blue blouse, but the fabric was spotless.He speaks softly and slowly, and his eyes are kind and kind.My grandma is such a clean person, more than 80 years old sick in hospital, the doctor in the morning before the room, she must let her family wash her face and comb her hair, dress up clean and refreshing.Doctors and nurses didn’t praise her, she was so neat.Grandma has been a clean person all her life.My great-aunt, all her life, black, wide-legged pants.Summer white coat, look a lifetime has not changed, is summer white, winter black, live to 97 years old when he died, are not clean like an old man.A pair of big eyes, eyelids do not droop.Those eyes are ridiculously beautiful, more vivid than when I was thirty.I’ll never forget those eyes.She was clean and elegant, and when she was young, she was famous for her beauty, according to my grandfather.My husband always likes to say that his parents are caused by the environment, I always say that lazy is lazy.The small yard that sees somebody else country, this just is exquisite person, even if again break again old, clean from beginning to end.