Linli fenghuo township: idle barren mountain expansion of perfume grapefruit local specialties chuang new road

2022-06-25 0 By

Rednet moment Changde On April 1 (correspondent Ding Lang) this year, Linli Fenghuo township in the idle barren mountains to expand the planting of perfume grapefruit, is committed to the perfume grapefruit into a “famous and special” star products, help rural revitalization.At present, wow bridge village six square island area of the new expansion of more than 200 acres of perfume pomelo seedlings grow happy, fruit farmers are grabbing the season for the seedlings raking soil around the nest, well-cared for.Fenghuo township Wow bridge village new flag group of villagers Zhou Xu man said: “now surround the nest, is specialized to keep water, dry after the drought to prevent drought, if the drought came after no rake this nest, water loss, keep the water after the survival rate is high, can reach ninety to one hundred percent.”Perfume pomelo is a new variety of local characteristic pomelo which is bred by agricultural technicians in Fenghuo township using two high-quality ancient pomelo trees retained locally and the city Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Its appearance is like a pear, and its flesh is yellow-green. After detection, perfume pomelo contains only half of other pomelo, which has the effect of reducing noise and fire, moistening lung and throat.In addition, perfume pomelo can be stored for more than five months.It is understood that the beacon township planted last year more than 20 acres of perfume pomelo output value of 200,000 yuan, the market response is good, demand exceeds supply.In order to further expand the scale of perfume pomelo industry, fenghuo township this year through the “professional cooperative + planting large household” mode of circulation idle barren mountain expansion of perfume pomelo, four years later can benefit from hanging fruit, is expected to output value per mu in more than 10000 yuan.