It is serious to carry out fire safety and epidemic prevention and control drill memorial hall

2022-06-26 0 By

“Safety is more important than Mount Tai!”In order to further strengthen the safety awareness, enhance the early warning prevention and control ability of the staff.A fire safety inspection, fire emergency drill and epidemic prevention and control drill were carried out at the Memorial Hall of the Yongchang Battle of the Red Route Army on March 30, 2017.01 Fire safety inspection Memorial Hall all staff seriously understand the types of fire equipment, the use of methods and daily maintenance requirements, and on the occurrence of fire, how to operate fire extinguishers on the spot drills.When a fire breaks out, visitors in the exhibition hall quickly and orderly cover their mouths and noses, bow their heads and queue up to evacuate to the safe area under the guidance of the on-site staff.In the martyrs’ cemetery to carry out fire combat exercises, focus on the use of fire extinguishers to do a detailed understanding, and shake, lift, pull, grip, pressure decomposing exercises, cadres and workers on the initial fire actual operation.Exercise activities help cadres and workers to effectively master the operation essentials of fire extinguishers and fire fighting process, strengthen the cadres and workers fire safety awareness and self-prevention and self-rescue ability, improve the ability to deal with sudden fire.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the staff set up a “one-meter line” to enter the park, strictly checked the site code and health code, carried out the temperature measurement and registration process, and required to wear masks throughout the whole entrance process.Through this exercise, the ability of all cadres and staff to deal with fire safety and epidemic prevention and control has been improved.In the next step, the Yongchang Battle Memorial Hall of the Red Route Army will continue to do a good job in normalizing fire safety and epidemic prevention, and continue to strengthen the publicity of fire safety and epidemic prevention based on the actual work, so as to lay a solid foundation for the construction of Ping an Memorial Hall.