Wang Feng Zhang Ziyi appeared at a bar late at night, holding hands like Siamese twins, dog food scattered non-stop

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On March 16, some media released a new video of Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi’s wife.On the night of shooting, Wang and Zhang were partying with friends at a bar. After finishing, they walked out the door.Wang feng was wearing a black hoodie and mask, while Zhang ziyi was also dressed in black, making the couple look perfect.Wang feng and Zhang Ziyi held hands all the way, like a pair of conjoined twins, looking very in love.Then Wang feng and Zhang Ziyi chatted happily with their friends again, saying goodbye to their friends separately, all the while refusing to let go.Although they are an old married couple, Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi are still like a passionate couple who don’t mind showing their love for each other.Ironically, zhang made a heart-to-heart gesture to her best friend and released Wang’s hand at the end of their parting.Immediately, Wang feng reached out his hand and tried to take his wife back.But Zhang ziyi devoted herself to chatting with her friends and ignored her husband, leaving Wang Feng to turn around and wait for his wife to go home together.This dog food is really feeding the Internet users!This is not the first time that wang feng and Zhang Ziyi are inseparable almost every time they are photographed by reporters. They are immersed in their own world and their painting style is quite warm.The pair were pictured walking out of a restaurant after dinner wearing matching black and white down jackets.As you can see, it’s only a short walk from the restaurant door to the car, but the two of them stayed close to each other the whole time, with Zhang holding Wang tightly, reluctant to let go.As a famous “heroine” in the film world, Zhang Ziyi’s stubborn and domineer image is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.When she arrived at her husband’s side, Zhang ziyi turned back into a happy little woman, leaning on Wang feng’s shoulder, looking like a young girl.When they got on the bus, Zhang tried to push wang in the back, while Wang stuck his hands in his pockets and looked like a rock star. They seemed strangely compatible.But as parents of three children, Zhang and Wang don’t always get to enjoy themselves.A look at their social media profiles shows that the couple spend more time with their children, and families like to be in and out together, traveling, going to exhibitions and celebrating holidays together.Wang’s eldest daughter, Little Apple, is the biological daughter of Wang’s ex-wife Ge Huijie, but is closer to his stepmother Zhang Zi.Two people do not talk about anything, but also together skin care makeup, is not biological, there is no diaphragm.When Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi first announced their relationship, public opinion was almost unanimous that they would not last long.Two people proved the determination together with his action, so many years has been sweet conjugal love as before, but also gave birth to a son a female, plus lovely sensible little apple, a five do not mention much happiness.