Are sweet bamboos and sun corals the saddest food chain in the Arora region?

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We all know that true expand the treasure can dream up the food chain relationship also belongs to the seventh generation, starting from the seventh generation, the official start between the dream is not afraid to dream and treasure treasure hunting each other, human prey can be set in a dream, but these things can’t intuitive performance in the process of child for the games, the official then set this is embodied in the map shows that,The stage of the seventh generation is Arora area, so Arora area has the most abundant ecological chain of Pokemon, and the food chain relationship among them, if it is sad to say, sweet bamboo and sun coral are ranked number one. This article will introduce the confirmed food chain relationship in Arora area.PS: No rank;This article may not be too serious, if there are mistakes, please correct.NO.1: The Blunderbuss Big Bird & GT;Edulis bamboo birds with the fruit of plants as food can be said to be the nature of the most normal thing, but because some treasure can dream is fruity prototype, so they escape from birds treasure can dream prey, such as bamboo edulis, spear mouth big bird with reality of toucans as the prototype, toucans diets more miscellaneous, diet including fruit, and bamboo edulis map notes,Mentions that it “would be swallowed whole by the smell-tempted blunderbuss”;Sweet bamboo can even become food for humans, as the caption says “it’s too sweet to eat, but if you mix it with sweat water, it will become juice with just the right sweetness.”NO.2 Mongoose little, Mongoose Inspector & GT;Little Lada (arora), Lada (Arora) and then the relationship between inspector Meerkat’s family and Lada’s family. In the Arora area, because of the abundance of water and grass, little Lada and Lada grow very fat and often become a nuisance to human life, so,Mr Arora from other areas introduced mongoose and less evolutionary mongoose inspector to hunt small lada and lada, trying to avoid daytime the mongoose inspector a lada an evolution in addition to the night out of habit, so the roller, and the characteristics of the mongoose inspector a squat down just shows that a capture lada a way,They were waiting at the ladas ‘hole.No.3 Competitive Crab & GT;Fruit trees grow in the balls because Mr Arora areas are particularly good, so players can often see the fruit on the way, and might find in a pile of fruit to eat the delicious fruit competitive crab, it is important to note that competitive crab may also be human table delicacies, the map shows that mentioned in the “little meat in the pliers, but very delicious fruity”,On the other hand, aggressive crabs sometimes mistake coconut trees for normal trees and climb them. They also eat eggs based on plant seeds. The description of the eggs says, “Six become one complete Pokemon, often attacked by aggressive crabs, but fight them off with their mind power.”No.4 Bad star, Super bad Star & GT;Sun coral and besides bamboo edulis, with disastrous coral color there are sun, the second generation of the coral in the play has been unpopular, rather than be enhanced by Mr Arora region has become a super star bad a bully prey, super bad star a prototype from the spine starfish, in reality would prey on coral,The atlas of the super bad Star says, “When the super bad star crawls on the sea floor with 12 feet, the debris of the sun coral will be scattered wherever the super bad star crawls.” The atlas of the good and Bad Star before its evolution also says, “Because it eats the branches of the sun coral, it is hated by craftsmen who collect the branches that fall naturally.”Well, these are some of the food chain relationships that xiao Er is going to introduce this time, and we will talk about the rest in the next chapter.