“The Spring Festival I am on duty” thousands of lights on New Year’s Eve hunan public security New Year

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Hunan police are looking forward to going home on New Year’s Eve
Is also a kind of feelings
Hunan public security
Heart of “Thousands of lights”
Be on duty all day
Use your own “Hardship Index”
Enhance the “safety index” of the community
Give up your “little family get-together”
Dedicated to “family reunion”
Yesterday was New Year’s Eve
Everybody stay close to the camera
Let’s take a look at the story of the policemen who stick to their posts

Time: 1:00 a.m
Location: Fenghuang County
Characters: Phoenix public Security traffic police
New Year’s Eve morning Fenghuang County sudden heavy snow, heavy snow on the road, Phoenix public security police auxiliary police all on the road, for the masses dredge chang.

Time: 8:00 a.m
Location: Xuefeng Mountain, Hongjiang City
Xuefeng police Station, Hongjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau, xuefeng police station, Hongjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau, xuefeng police auxiliary police to the police car equipped with anti-skid chains, for the “five security household” elderly can not go down to purchase supplies to send rice and cooking oil.Time: 9 a.m
Location: Fengqiping township, Qidong County
Character: Qidong County Public Security Bureau Feng Qiping police station on duty
New Year’s Eve Qidong County Fengqiping township rain auspicious snow, Fengqiping police station on duty quickly on the road to carry out road traffic safety inspection persuasion work.
Time: 10:00 a.m
Location: Yuanling County
Yuanling County Fengming nine school teachers and students braving the snow came to The Yuanling County Public Security Bureau Chengnan police station, bus station duty point and changji expressway Yuanling toll station exit Spring Festival health monitoring point, to send holiday greetings to the police on duty.The children stood on tiptoe and put red scarves on the police, labeling them “the cutest person”.Time: 11:00 noon
Location: Changsha County
Characters: xingsha public security bureau police station xingsha public security bureau police Ann Ann sand sand the policemen ma, Feng Hao patrol the area, found an old man in the wind, wandering, for don’t let the old man suffer aspic, two people will be old man back to the police station, and provide hot water and food, then link to the old man’s family, the old man safely to the home, the old man’s family to police thank you very much.
Time: 12:00 noon
Location: Yueyang County
People: Yueyang County Public Security Bureau chengnan Center police station, the cooks have a holiday during the Spring Festival, the restaurant is closed, and the staff on duty only have instant noodles except biscuits.Xu Guoliang, a police officer in chengnan Central police station of Yueyang County Public Security Bureau, asked his family to cook three dishes and one soup, and the auxiliary police on duty had a warm lunch in the duty room.Time: 13:00 noon
Location: Chenxi County
Chenxi traffic police stick to their posts, the cold wind can not move their footsteps, ice and snow can not cool their hot heart, protecting the peace of thousands of people is their familiar “New Year flavor”.
Time: 14:00 PM
Location: Lusong District, Zhuzhou City
Lusong Sub-bureau of Zhuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police brigade Lusong sub-bureau police brigade to strengthen the road patrol, to maintain social security stability during the Spring Festival.Time: 15:00 p.m
Location: Beihu District, Chenzhou City
People: Police of Beihu Branch of Chenzhou Public Security Bureau police of Beihu Branch are strengthening road patrols to maintain social security and stability during the Spring Festival.
Time: 16:00 p.m
Location: Blue Mountains County
People: Auxiliary police of the Special police brigade of Lanshan County Public Security Bureau
Lanshan County Public Security Bureau special police brigade police auxiliary armed, always stick to the maintenance of social order, protect the safety of the first line, to ensure the safety of the area.
Time: 17:00 p.m
Location: Wuling District, Changde City
Wuling Branch of Changde Municipal Public Security Bureau strengthened road patrols and carried out side by side patrols to maintain social security and stability during the Spring Festival.No matter how long it takes to get home
Will have “police blue” with you
No matter where you spend the New Year
There will be “police blue” to keep them safe
A key
Xi made the remarks as the Communist Party of China Central Committee and The State Council celebrated the Spring Festival

Xi Jinping’s New Year wishes

Xi Jinping talks about family education and family tradition construction

Xi’s exhortations to young cadres to comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline, Xi’s remarks on correctly handling major social contradictions
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