Climb the volcano, listen to the eight tones…Hainan tourists feel the local folk customs of the thick customs

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New Hainan client, south China Sea network, Southern Metropolis daily news on February 4 (reporter Su Liang correspondent Xiong Lili) mountaineering blessing, watching the film to welcome the Spring Festival, taste food friendship……Tourists in Hainan enjoy the joy of Spring Festival.Bamboo dance at Crater Park in Haikou.Haikou Tourism and Cultural Bureau for the Spring Festival holiday, the Spring Festival folk tourism has become the first choice for public tourists.Haikou Crater Park is still popular, citizens and tourists line up to scan the code, orderly into the park.The performers in the park provided a number of folk art shows for the citizens and tourists, including bamboo dance, folk songs in the volcanic area, musical instrument performance and other forms of shows.”I felt very new to be able to enjoy bayin, hainan ethnic minorities’ songs, dances and qiongju in the crater.”Wang Yiye, a tourist from Wenchang, said happily that he stayed in Haikou for the Spring Festival, and the whole family climbed the height and prayed for good luck to welcome the New Year.The family reunited in Haikou Crater Park and took pictures of the whole family.According to Guo Wenxu, deputy general manager of Haikou Crater Park, most of the tourists in the first two days of the Spring Festival are Hainanese, and most of them are families.During the Spring Festival holiday, crater Park also prepared a series of wonderful activities, including volcano folk songs, Hainan folk dances, Musical Instruments and so on, to show the life scenes of people in the volcano area and experience the local culture of Hainan.This year also specially prepared the Triangle plum garden, triangle plum open is yan, the spring scenery of the garden attracted citizens to take photos;Volcano science museum let children long knowledge;Volcano Restaurant presents wonderful folk customs programs for tourists to experience the lunar New Year volcano.During the Spring Festival, citizens and tourists go to the cinema.During the Spring Festival, due to the influence of the weather, some citizens also went indoors to enjoy themselves. During the prime time of movie-watching, various cinemas in Haikou launched “New Year’s Blockbuster” at the same time with cinemas all over the country for citizens to play objective movies.”Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” is popular during the Spring Festival, and many parents took advantage of the holiday to take their children to watch the patriotic war movie.”This film is very good, take the children to watch together during the holiday, so that the children can more intuitively understand the history of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army to fight against the United States and aid Korea, but also let the children know how to cherish, Thanksgiving, understand the precious peace.”Yang Xu, who just came out of the Haixiu cinema on Guoxing Avenue, said that the films were screened intensively during the Spring Festival. The whole family visited the scenic area and then went to the cinema to watch the films, which was full of happiness.Since February 1, “Sniper”, “Pleasant Goat and big Big Wolf Basket out of the Future”, “Little Tiger Dun Heroes”, “Boonies return to Earth” and other wonderful movies have also been screened, accompanied by “Ying” to celebrate the Spring Festival.Haikou business district is very popular during the Spring Festival.In addition to providing pictures and watching movies, you can also stroll around various shopping malls and feel the Atmosphere of The Spring Festival in Haikou business district.Shopping malls such as Baihui City, Friendship Sunny City and Xincheng Wuyue Plaza will not close during the Spring Festival, offering various discounts and gourmet packages for citizens and tourists to choose from. The exquisite food will satisfy everyone’s taste buds and make everyone eat fun while having fun. This Spring Festival will be enough!”We had a light rain during the Spring Festival holiday, so we went shopping for a whole day.”Chen Xianwei, a citizen, said that in haikou shopping malls, there are video games, delicious food, and many interactive items to play. During the Spring Festival holiday, citizens and tourists can feel the flavor of the New Year in the new entertainment shopping experience.