Here are the moments when eastV hosts said the wrong thing and embarrassed celebrities

2022-06-28 0 By

As an entertainment host usually interview stars should be common, whether the star interview or the red carpet show, the host for the star interview is very important, but the host is also the common people, there will be muddled error, today we take stock of the dongSHI host interview star said the wrong thing.As a new male host who focuses on the training of East Vision, Bacili has been entrusted with important tasks, but perhaps lack of experience, so Bacili often makes mistakes.At a sina Weibo night last year, when celebrity Dilieba took to the stage in a white dress, Bacally made the atmosphere awkward by simply asking, “What do you think of wearing a white dress on a rainy day?”Co-host Siwenjia immediately took the stage, praised the reba online 19 grid photos are very beautiful, Bacili “genius” sentence “it is easy to take pictures of female stars” Siwenjia pulled down, the final interview ended in nothing, Reba stepped down with a gray face.In her early days as a host, She interviewed the then famous Singer Harlem Yu in Taiwan.Don’t know because of the first live interview star tension or other reasons, Bei Qianni took Harlem Yu has been asking him and his wife Yi Nengjing feelings, and at that time Harlem Yu has been in and Yi Nengjing divorce matters, black face Of Harlem Yu obviously leak dissatisfaction, but Still hot hot bei Qianni ask.Finally, the interview ended in tears, and the record company informed the television station, the future do not want To interview any of its film and television stars.Siwenka and The big mouth Siwenka has made quite a few mistakes on stage.In 2020, the east cloud top awards SiWenJia were jingling, the singer is directly asking questions with group or independent singing is good, clear let dingdong hard to answer, because how to say it will be to upset people, were jingling in trying to hide when SiWenJia and a “word says the scene, don’t go back tweeting about” the atmosphere directly to the deadlock.The article is not easy, look forward to praise attention and comments, a lifetime of good luck, thank you!