Hot search no. 1!Famous male singer is making a comeback

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Zhang Yu, a Taiwanese singer, said in an interview that he will return to singing, saying that he took an “indefinite break” three years ago because of stress and a throat condition, Taiwan media reported.Now I’m ready to go back to singing.Who’s Zhang Yu?I say a few of his songs you will know: “Disaster caused by the moon” : I admit that it is the moon caused the disaster that night is too beautiful you too gentle “The Rain keeps falling” : The rain keeps falling atmosphere is not harmonious under the same roof you gradually feel the heart is changing “Well-intentioned” : You say you want to escape but doomed to stay “For you” :Must be a special fate to become a family along the way to open hot search topic netizens have “cry” for Yu Brother quickly comeback concert arrangements!Some netizens have even started a wave of “memory killing” micro-blogs with voice posts of classic songs zhang once sang. Why are some once-popular singers no longer active in the public view?It is undeniable that the era of music videos and CDS and tapes is gone, and the ERA of BGM has taken its place.”Flow is king” let a person begin to unconsciously cater to the market, a small piece of music fire this person fire.Endorsements, variety shows and even live merchandising are making it easier to make money.There is less of the thankless task of making music.In addition, the former “King” and “queen of Pop” are beginning to return to family life.Jay Chou recently announced on social media that his wife Hannah quinlivan is pregnant with their third child, and netizens commented: Can we still wait for the new album?Before Zhang Yu shutdown, also because too focus on the job neglects the family, the wife Eleven lang ever claimed to be “false single parent”.Zhang yu said that it was only when she returned to her family that she found Eleven very cute and now enjoys family life very much.He also tried to experience things other than the singer, such as learning Chinese medicine, acupuncture, body and mind healing and other new interests;But he never bought food, even obsessed with the market to buy food, and even buy more and more, and then move a refrigerator home to put food.In addition to the changing market environment and singers’ personal choices, the repeated epidemic in the past two years has made music performances more difficult, many concerts have to be cancelled, and people have fewer opportunities to watch music seriously.The news of Zhang yu’s comeback sparked many netizens’ memories of the millennium.What other popular songs did Zhang Yu sing?Do you all know that?Comments together talk ~ source | new evening news, China news title: the hot search first! Must resurface famous male singer”