Chen Qing forget to admire modern, pet you back to the young 199, Wei Ying chase car super A, marksmanship and body with

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Chen Qing forget envy modern, pet you back to the young 199, Wei Ying chase car super A, marksmanship and body with “Wei elder brother!Get in the car!Suddenly, a police car turned a corner and stopped in front of Wei Ying, the man in the car down the window, it is a chase!Wei Ying quickly opened the door and sat down. “Left!To the woods!””Sit tight!With that, She turned the steering wheel and pushed the gas pedal as hard as she could, slamming her way out, the sound of tires grinding against the ground mingling with the noise of the factory and quickly disappearing into the darkness.The car roared like an arrow through the fog and into the trees.The muddy, meandering road and the uneven density of trees along the road did not slow them down, and they soon saw two flashing red headlights ahead.The Land Rover seemed to sense something and began to speed up.The two cars sped out of the woods, one behind the other, and soon a dark tunnel opened up and thundered against the jungle.Wei Ying’s pupils suddenly shrank under the light of the two rows of simple night lights on the tunnel wall.”Get down!He stooped, reached out a hand and quickly pressed Her head against the steering wheel.As he spoke, several bullets crowded down toward them, through the windshield and lodged in the back of the seat.”Grass, you tm of have a gun is!”The rain of bullets subsided temporarily, but Wei Ying understood that it was just the other side in the magazine.’he swore, his hand already pulling himself from his waist.’ See?How many back seats?”Wei Ying turned her head and asked quietly.”Two!O answer.”Got it!With that, Wei Ying suddenly straighted up and leaned out of the window, four bullets shot, two hit the body and bumper, the other two hit a rear tire.The Land Rover gave a noticeable jolt and began to tilt slightly, but it showed no sign of stopping.Wei Ying did not love to fight, he withdrew his body, in the moment he just bent down and a burst of gunfire sounded, until the sound gradually subsided, ah Chase noticed that the Land Rover rear tire has been born plume of smoke.They’re out of ammo!Thinking of this, Wei Ying again leaned out of the body, raised a pistol aimed at the smoking tire is a blow.The Land Rover was obviously at the end of its life and slowed down, but it never gave up its last breath, stubbornly struggling, and suddenly they were within striking distance of it.A crazy idea suddenly took shape in Wei Ying’s mind, there are two bullets in his gun, and Uncle Silk back seat just two people…”Chase!Give me the sides, high beams!””Understood!The man in the car was shaken by the sudden high beams as the police car almost grazed the land Rover’s rear wheels.Almost at the same time, when the front of the police car approached the back seat, Wei Ying accurately pulled the trigger, bang, bang, the people in the back seat did not have time to react and fell.Everything but in a flash, see the police car is about to exceed land Rover, Wei Ying know the time to.When the horizontal distance between the two workshops was getting closer and closer, Wei Ying suddenly opened the door and jumped out. She grabbed the roof of the driver’s seat of the next car with her hands and hung her legs in the air on the roof.This action makes the front seat of the dry and silk uncle startled, also let the body more shaky.(Wei Ying’s super A moment had excellent shooting skills and body skills. Thank Bao for not losing weight. Thank you for supporting monkey’s daydream.)