Downtown old woman fell down with blood on her face, she crouched down and kept Shouting “Wake up, don’t fall asleep”

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Dahe Daily yu video reporter Shao Keqiang “let’s this female comrade dare to rescue the injured, too warm hearted, to your prosecution and the police point praise!”On the morning of March 28, in the zhumadian City Yicheng District public Security sub-bureau Xianglin police station control room, when the police out of yicheng District people’s Procuratorate clerk Shao Wenjun rescued the injured elderly video, onlookers have praised.Dahe Daily video reporter from henan Province people’s Procuratorate to learn the story.March 24 at 8:40 a.m., Yi City procuratorate clerk Shao Wenjun rode an electric car to Yi City commission for Discipline inspection to send materials, after yi City Avenue and liberation Avenue intersection southeast corner, found an old man lying on the ground.She stopped the car and went to investigate. She saw that the victim was a 60-year-old man with blood on his face and a patch of blood on the ground, groaning in pain.Shao wenjun shouted several times, but the man did not answer.Considering that the ground temperature was very low at that time, shao wenjun was worried that the old woman would be hurt more if she lay on the ground for a long time, so she immediately dialed 110 and 120 and tried to get the old woman treated as soon as possible.Shao didn’t move her because of her unclear condition and lack of experience in emergency medical treatment.As they waited for emergency services, she kept crouching down and clinging to the old man’s ear, repeatedly reminding him: “Wake up, wake up, don’t fall asleep!”Later, 110 and 120 staff rushed to the scene, Shao Wenjun explained the old man’s situation to the medical staff and police, saw the old man was treated before leaving.On March 25, the police went to the district Procuratorate to transfer the case. They met Shao Wenjun by chance. She looked very familiar to them, and then they knew she was a staff member of the district Procuratorate.Thus, Shao Wenjun’s deeds of helping the elderly were known.Shao wenjun worked at the grassroots level of public security in Luoyang for eight years and became a clerk of the People’s Procuratorate in Yicheng District in April 2021.Referring to the incident, Shao wenjun said: “I feel it is a very small thing, and I did not take it to heart.”At work, Shao Wenjun loved his job and performed his duties.In life, she is a warm-hearted person, helping elderly people who fall down is an example of “meddling”.Referring to Shao Wenjun, the person in charge of the People’s Procuratorate of Yicheng District said: “At the critical moment when the people need him, Shao Wenjun dared to stand up, warmed the society and showed the good outlook of the procuratorial police in the new era.”Source: Dahe Daily video editor: Wang Fenghua