Mate40 Pro price finally reduced, Kirin 9000 can still play, pollen is finally relieved

2022-06-29 0 By

Hello, I am March.With all the flagship launches in full swing these days, huawei is still unknown. The Mate50 Pro, which was supposed to be released in the second half of last year, has not been released yet, and it seems that everyone has almost forgotten Huawei as a mobile phone brand.However, people who know the situation know that Huawei is holding a big plan. Although the number of mobile phones released by Huawei is getting smaller and smaller, there is no doubt that every mobile phone released is a top flagship, and there is no more phone to make up for the number. Mate50 should also be polished, and when Huawei can use 5G, IT is believed that Mate50 will also appear.In the mobile phone market share of last year, it can be found that without the competition from Huawei, the domestic high-end mobile phone market was basically taken by Apple, and its market share increased greatly.One reason is that Apple itself has strong competitiveness, good appearance, unique performance and system. The other is that there is no domestic competitor. Although other companies have good sales, they cannot compete with Apple in high-end, and the gap is still obvious.In the past, only Huawei could impose some restrictions on Apple. In fact, this is the reason why users choose apple, its core competitiveness.Apple has A series of processors, iOS system, these are apple’s own technology, so people recognized, Huawei has kirin chip, now Huawei has hongmeng system, so people also recognized.So in the end, it is more important to develop self-study technology, which is also the direction of future development, so as not to get stuck in the end.At present, mate40 Pro is the only mobile phone in the mobile phone market that can achieve both Kirin chip and hongmeng system support, and it is the top flagship of Huawei. Although this mobile phone is available from time to time, it has been released for more than a year, so the price has finally dropped, and it is really sweet to get it now.Mate40 Pro is currently one of huawei’s top flagship phones, which was the backbone of mate series before the release of Mate50 series.The phone is said to be a year old, but in all respects it is a top-of-the-line flagship.90Hz hypercurved loop screen is not behind now. The unique double hole design seems to be outdated now. After all, new products are either small holes in the middle or cameras under the screen, and the screen proportion is really not dominant.But in terms of performance, kirin 9000 can still play, first of all compared to last year’s Snapdragon 888 in every aspect of the crushing position, stronger performance, lower power consumption.Even now, compared with Qualcomm’s top processor snapdragon 8Gen1, there is still a big difference in performance, but the power consumption should be better, at least the heat is not serious, so that the mobile phone is not too hot to use.The most important thing is that Kylin 9000 is the swan song of Kylin, which is also a kind of feelings, especially for pollen is crucial.The newly released Huawei P50 series are all powered by Qualcomm chips, which is not like Huawei anymore, and it doesn’t support 5G, which is a bit difficult.Finally, there is the camera. As we all know, since huawei P30, Huawei’s flagship mobile phones are almost the strongest in cameras of the contemporary era. With leica’s main camera, unique camera optimization and algorithm optimization, Huawei has always been the best in the mobile phone industry in terms of camera taking standards.So huawei mate40 Pro at that time was the same, 50 million leica main camera, even now compared with iPhone13 series is not bad.In terms of battery life, Mate40 Pro also supports super fast charge of 66W. Although it is not as fast as 120W, it is a product of one year ago after all. Besides, it also supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof, and 50W wireless, so the overall strength is quite good.In general, Huawei MATe40 Pro is still very capable of playing now, especially the Kirin 9000 processor. At the same time, this mobile phone now also supports Hongmengsystem, which can be described as double plus, software and hardware are their own, after the price reduction, we can consider it, what do you think