The rise of China’s large aircraft, CR929 passenger aircraft began to manufacture, the core technology to achieve a breakthrough!

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The rise of China’s large aircraft, CR929 passenger aircraft began to manufacture, the core technology to achieve a breakthrough!Monopoly of the foreign production plane civil aviation market in China has for many years, now finally realized independent research and development and production of domestic aircraft in our country, from Shanghai comac C919 success, the delivery of one hundred sorties pull open the prelude to the domestic civil aviation science and technology, to the rise of domestic large aircraft, now CR929 airliner began to make, the aircraft construction field of our country develop in full swing,Achievements gratifying, core technology to achieve major breakthroughs.This plane is jointly built by China and Russia, each with its own division of labor, responsible for different parts of the aircraft manufacturing, and then the overall assembly. The overall technical part of this wide-body airliner is built by Russia, and China is responsible for the fuselage construction, and the construction of the tail wing, as well as the fairing.And in the future, it is possible to be changed into a large military aircraft to achieve a more important role.Western countries are also paying close attention to China’s aircraft construction process. At present, THE CR929 wide-body passenger plane contains a high technical content, which is also a considerable value of the current cooperation project. In the future, the market will be 2.3 trillion yuan international market.China can produce passenger jets, has caused unease in the west, because a lot of fields with the efforts of our research and development and thus, not only broke the situation of monopoly in the west, will also participate in the competition to share, such as shield machine in our country from higher import prices to occupy more than eighty percent of the global market, took only a few decades.Moreover, China’s database system, from breaking the foreign oracle monopoly to developing its own intellectual property system, only takes a few years, and can save tens of billions of yuan of cost every year, and can completely guarantee the security and confidentiality of the database, and push out foreign companies.So now the development of civil aviation is also remarkable, China and Russia’s cooperation with this wide-body aircraft, the future is likely to separate the global wide-body aircraft market with comprehensive advantages.China has successfully built a civil aircraft C919, and has successfully completed the flight take-off and landing, and delivery of the orders, if and CR929 contrast, our country independent production of the C919 belongs to the small planes, contrast wide-body jet technology is relatively simple, and the difficulty higher wide-body jet CR929, with Russia’s help,It will be a smooth success.The original model of this aircraft was C929, but after the Russian team joined the cooperation, the model was changed to CR929, while C stands for China and R stands for Russia.In general is our country’s team to lead the whole process of the project, and coordinate all aspects of the work, if completely independent research and development in our country, also can do the job, but the time is not long, if take the way of cooperation, there will be a lot of help to get better, save a lot of time, on some link can reduce jam steps to take, etc.,Some costs will be wasted, and some technical problems need time and energy to tackle, so the resultant force will be much more efficient.Russia alone manufacture this wide-body jet, it is not easy, many aspects of the work without the advantage of our country, and not sold on the market in our country’s channel, now just a collaboration and mutual assistance, together with the plane built with quality and quantity on schedule, at present this kind of construction of the wide-body jet is based in the Shanghai comac group production workshop.The engine, the core component of CR929, will be matched with the PD-35 aeroengine, which has a major breakthrough in core technology. This Russian engine has a thrust of 35 tons, and the maximum thrust can even reach about 40 tons. This engine has high thrust and belongs to the large bypass ratio turbofan engine, which is suitable for wide-body aircraft.It can even be installed on military aircraft.It is even reported that CR929 is likely to be adapted into a large military aircraft in the future, or even multiple types of aircraft for different tasks, which can provide stable and strong power.China’s C919 small civilian airliner is made in China but purchased western parts and components and cannot be converted to military use, so the CR929 wide-body jet is just the solution to this problem.The future market is also promising. It is speculated that the demand for CR929 widebody aircraft has reached 2,000 orders just for China’s market and Russia’s own use, not counting orders from other countries around the world, which will be a very considerable number.The CR929, which will be converted to military use, is expected to be ordered at least 400 units, and the number of orders will be more and more, because the wide-body aircraft jointly produced by China and Russia combines the latest technologies and advantages of the two countries, and will be welcomed and snapped up by many countries.Now, with the success of small C919 aircraft flight test and delivery to China Eastern, believe that the success of the larger aircraft CR929 offline also very well, at present the preparations were made, has started construction, and in terms of the Russian team and collaborating is orderly, construction of the aircraft from design to construction unit from parts to the whole assembly are orderly,We look forward to the successful debut of our wide-body aircraft in the near future.How many planes does the US Air Force have?It claims to have more than 10,000 aircraft, but only 3,400 front-line aircraft