BTS V deleted photos because of JIN’s comment?Korean netizens guess the reason!

2022-07-01 0 By

As BTS V deleted the photo after Posting it on his twitter account, netizens are paying attention and speculations.”Drew 150,000 viewers.Two days later, V uploaded a photo on her personal IG, saying “New Year, snow, snow/New Year”. JIN wrote “boyfriend photo”, to which V replied, “Don’t make fun of me! I will be sad!”(Boyfriend photo: like taking photos from the Angle of girlfriend, so that people can see that it is her boyfriend) V left a message again: “My dream is to be a boyfriend photo maker”, unexpectedly V deleted it again, this time even JIN’s message was also deleted, V left a message “clean!”I really don’t like JIN’s message.Then V deleted the message and replied again, “Because brother, now my picture is finished… it looks even sadder.” Unexpectedly, after a while, V deleted the message again.In the end, V deleted the photo from IG, but Weverse didn’t. When people saw it, they thought JIN was just praising it. V’s reaction was so big.However, there is a reason for V’s reaction. It has been revealed that she has been in love with the daughter of a chaebol and attended the art exhibition together.It seems that I want to pretend that I have no girlfriend…Crazy people!Stop dreaming!!In my opinion, it’s simply shyness…Seems like a bit of a big reaction to what the members said??Is this also to be discussed?