For prospective graduate students of Xiamen University, the results of the preliminary examination will be available from July 21

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Our school is expected to announced on February 21, 2022, xiamen university graduate admissions examination scores, candidates can log in Chinese graduate admissions information network ( query (mandatory name, id number, enter oneself for an examination unit and admission ticket number fill in at least one).The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 01 The results of the query provided have been evaluated and verified according to the relevant working regulations and requirements.Individual candidates who still have doubts about their scores in a certain subject can apply for reexamination of their scores in accordance with relevant requirements within the specified time.Our school will organize reexamination of self-set subjects, and submit the results of national unified examination subjects to Fujian Provincial Education Examination Institute for reexamination.The scope of the review is limited to questions such as whether there is any omission of evaluation, omission of scores, errors in accumulated scores, etc., and does not involve the leniency of scoring standards.According to relevant work regulations, examinees (including entrusted) are not allowed to consult individual answer sheets.Warm reminder: keep objective and rational, do not submit application blindly and randomly, avoid unnecessary waste of manpower and material resources.Application procedures for score review (The application must be carried out in accordance with the following time and steps, otherwise it will not take effect and be processed) :A ‍ apply for checking the performance of the examinee must login before 12:00 noon on February 22nd (more than to apply for the system to shut down, can’t operation to deal with) xiamen university graduate student enrollment examination grade review application system (,Fill in and submit the relevant information completely and accurately as required by the system.‍B After the application information is confirmed and submitted, the applicant will download and print the Application Form for Review of Preliminary Examination Results and sign his/her own signature for confirmation.Candidates should send the application form for Preliminary Examination Score Review with their signatures, ID card and admission ticket to the email address of Xiamen University Examination Center (subject: application for preliminary Examination score review of 2022 Master candidates) before 12:00 noon on 24th C2.Candidates who apply can log in to the result review system to check the results from 5th August.04 Scores query does not provide the relevant professional scores ranking.For further information, please refer to xiamen University admission website :