Jd.com’s ‘graduation Notice’ causes outrage?A big truth, poke pain a lot of workers heart

2022-07-03 0 By

According to information leaked online, jd personnel referred to the layoff letter as “graduation instructions” and began it with “Happy graduation!Congratulations on your successful graduation from JINGdong!Thanks for being with me all the way!”This information has been confirmed by JINGdong employees. They said that multiple business lines of JINGdong are laying off employees, and they also shared their experiences of being laid off. However, it is the first time I have heard such a thing called “graduation”.Do not know jingdong personnel from where to learn the “art of layoffs” and jingdong this big layoffs and tell us what information?In many people’s eyes very profitable Internet companies, how to make money, they also need to continuously optimize their industrial structure and personnel efficiency, make their own profit maximization, this way it is for this reason, the Internet company will through the way of cutting staff and spending cuts to low-cost operations,This has become the trend of almost all Internet companies.Ma Yunzeng, ‘said ali annual output 1000 talents to the society, not the kui is when the teacher, all the layoffs now language talent, so pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, and shenzhen horse layoff more advanced, structure optimization, sounds nothing whatsoever to do with layoffs, only huawei staff listen to a little sweet, that call give up mediocre person, that’s right,Reality is so cruel, when you don’t have the use value, the boss can only fire you, even in your wound top sa salt, like jingdong so said “cut” into “the graduate”, also congratulations by lay people, this is obviously low eq do, let employees to sound like some of the heart, after I checked the online, called the layoffs, graduation is not jingdong first,After all, domestic e-commerce is to learn from the Old American that set, also the first to call layoffs as graduation is an American company, the New Town Times of the United States also reported this.On this side to jingdong is gone bad, like Cao De forget to say, we are learning foreign things, even the punctuation marks have never see clear, can cut, don’t insult me, because each employee’s psychological bearing capacity can be different, as long as the company clarify difficult, most of the laid off employees is reasonable, good speaking, released from jingdong results can know,In 2021, JD’s annual net income reached 951.6 billion yuan, up 27.6% year on year.To tell you the truth: that’s a good growth, but in the fourth quarter, jingdong lost 5.2 billion, especially the operating loss of 3.2 billion new business, have to say that the Internet is very competitive, such cuts back more and more normalized, this is every Internet practitioners must face the problem, the Internet is a tuyere, standing on the tuyere pigs can fly, but after the tuyere,Pig’s fate is to fall very miserably, is the so-called, the crisis hidden business opportunities, each wave of layoffs, will make some people become poor, and some people become rich, history is often surprisingly similar, understand the past, we can see the future, such as: the last century in the 1990s wave of layoffs workers.Took a large number of self-employed people, the financial crisis in 2008 corporate lay-offs, ma electrical business began to rise, 2016 O2O industry big lay-offs, live industry fire again, now the Internet is once again frequently, apparently released a signal to us, the Internet has entered the winter, lying can rich pattern will not exist,For most of us, we still need to learn and improve ourselves. Maybe someone else’s crisis is your opportunity.In general, through the jingdong big layoffs let us see this time neither industry is the iron rice bowl, every industry there is a crisis of unemployment, listen to what the big boss, less learn more useful things to myself, happy time with your brother, also said that won’t get rid of any one brother, even when in trouble, turn faster than books, fire you immediately,Or Confucius said well, backer mountain will fall, rely on everyone will run, rely on parents parents will be old, rely on brothers and sisters, everyone wants to protect themselves, so their own courage, why fear unemployment, how to look at this.