She joined the revolution at the age of 16, married Lin Biao at the age of 18, beautiful and dignified, now 103 years old healthy

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Along with the progress of The Times, people get married the young age of late a lot, to the present legal marrying age in 21 years old or so, but if according to the old time, May 15, 6 years old work is going to marry, they are ignorant it is to go to face the marriage age is also more difficult, in the revolution,It was even more difficult to stay together in wartime marriages.The woman I want to talk about at this moment, is undoubtedly a great figure in the revolution, but also difficult to rival in the marriage of things, she is Zhang Mei.One, the young take part in the revolution in what is true love marriage, marriage seems to be since the ancient times is the end-result of men and women, in the face of marriage, everyone is holding a easy-going attitude, hoping to become a let a person feel happy marriage, but the fact is not suitable person heart, today’s young people always so, but in the past and favorite people together is not a simple thing,It is as long as two people can gather together to live to go on.Comrade Zhang Mei did not go to Egypt by her parents’ order, but went to stay with the person she liked.Although Zhang Mei is a girl, in the passionate s Zhang Mei is also an advanced young woman with ambition, the ideas of the communist tide is affecting the Zhang Mei this generation of young people, and join the revolution when Zhang Mei but true to 16 years old, is a good age to stay open bud graceful, if in some poor places, the girl was to marry the age,But zhang Mei’s heart hides the spirit of fearless road.Perhaps it was because zhang Mei had received some education and thought differently from others, or the passion was always in zhang Mei’s heart. She was one of the few intellectuals in the revolutionary team.At that time, Zhang Mei was young and beautiful, deeply loved by people around her, coupled with her own knowledge, was also a very important figure in the internal, such thoughts and consciousness is very important to the Party.She did not end her study, but continued her studies in order to better serve the Party.However, sometimes, Zhang Mei is also a youth period second muddled girl, she may fantasise about their future and what kind of people together, there is no lack of numerous pursuers around her, but only one person attracted her eyes, that is Lin Shuai.There is no hero dream in the heart of a girl, for Lin Shuai such a high-spirited general, Zhang Mei admitted that he fell in.Although Lin Shuai had had a paragraph of marriage, but the Zhang Mei that is having advanced thought how can care about, in the passionate love of two people, walked into the hall of marriage.Only the marriage is sweet does not belong to in the revolution 2 people, what Lin Shuai is carrying on the shoulder is people’s great justice, he is thrown into battlefield very quickly in, and Zhang Mei is also doing hard for the revolution.And this don’t, do not know how long apart, the last time to meet, Lin Shuai is already a scar, serious to nerve disorder to the Soviet Union for treatment.Organization can not see the separation of the couple, so let Zhang Mei to accompany Lin Shuai.At that time, Zhang Mei was already pregnant, which should have been a great joy, but the turbulence of the journey made the baby in her belly not survive, but the two still met.In this way, it seems that two people who love each other can stay together forever, but what happens after marriage is not predictable. Daily necessities, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are the main melody of life.The rhythms of two lives are not entirely compatible.Zhang Mei is the proud woman of the new era, the most like is to run around, lively and cheerful she likes to attend all kinds of parties, but Lin Shuai and Zhang Mei are completely opposite.He is a man of few words and rarely communicates with outsiders. Even if he is invited to an event, he will never go there. It is precisely because of the very different personalities of the two people that their marriage has a quarrel.Before long, two people’s daughter was born, the arrival of this new life calmed this quarrel, Zhang Mei also put his mind on his daughter, but Lin Shuai has other things to do, he did not stay in the Soviet Union, did not stay in the side of his wife and daughter, resolutely returned to the motherland.Zhang Mei still sticks to her home and takes good care of her daughter, but it is not easy for her to carry on without her husband and in the Soviet Union, far away from home.She is still waiting for her husband to come to the Soviet Union to pick up their mother and daughter back, but suddenly a message to Zhang Mei disheartened, Lin Shuai remarried, there is a child.Zhang Mei also received a letter, is Sent by Lin Shuai, but this letter is written inside Zhang Mei has the right to pursue their own happiness, Zhang Mei only feel helpless and ridiculous.Is a woman only married?Zhang Mei knows, no.She returned to the motherland in 1948 and immediately sent her daughter to Lin Shuai’s side for help to take care of her. She now had to do her own work. Zhang Mei started from scratch with her medical knowledge, although there were many difficulties, she overcame them all and became a very excellent doctor.From the end of a paragraph of marriage to oneself stand up, time seems to have passed for a long time, actually otherwise, Zhang Mei is just more than 30 years old, all on the body is the glamour of mature woman, her happy life also did not stop at this completely, it is divorce how, she is still a free woman.However, zhang Mei such identity, whether in the past or now, let a lot of men back, who dare not say can capture Zhang Mei’s heart, this time Xu Jiefan appeared.He is zhang Mei’s second husband, is the conquest of the strong woman Zhang Mei’s existence, speaking of him, he is not worse than Lin Shuai, Zhang Mei eventually also fell into the hands of a soldier.Xu Jiefan also graduated from Huang Fu Military academy, which is larger than Lin Shuai, and his contribution to the revolution is also incalculable. He likes Zhang Mei’s skilled tenderness and independence. The two people are attracted to each other and finally come together.Zhang Mei, “a flower in northern Shaanxi”, still believes in a happy marriage despite seeing the ups and downs in her marriage. She and Xu Jiafan have spent 30 years hand in hand together. It seems to be fate that Zhang Mei can still meet the most important person in her life.Now at 103 years old, Zhang Mei is more shining under the wind and frost.Four, summary: marriage is such a changeful, love period of good in the face of daily necessities will change.The most let a person feel or Zhang Mei can realize self, under the condition of limited has been trying to progress, is a woman with their own independent thinking, it is just such a spirit can spread up to now, this spirit is worth us all to learn now, after the wind and frost will see the rainbow!