The regulations of Jiangxi province on the management of household garbage came into effect on March 1

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“Classification in the fingers, civilization between the attention.”On February 10th, in Yanjiang Garden community, Lingjiang Community, Yuzhang Street, Donghu District, Nanchang city, a unique living garbage classification practical operation tour activity is underway, many residents enthusiastically participate in.In July last year, the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress unanimously approved the domestic waste Management Regulations of Jiangxi Province, which will come into effect on March 1, marking the garbage classification work of Jiangxi province has entered a new stage of legalization.In order to create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to participate in the garbage classification work, and achieve the goal of reducing the source of domestic garbage, whole-process classification, resource utilization and harmless treatment, Jiangxi Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department held a provincial tour starting ceremony on February 10, and launched the first propaganda activity in Nanchang.On-site tour to realize everyone action in the practical operation tour site, experts to take easy to understand, simple explanation, through multi-dimensional explanation, thematic interpretation, so that the streets, community cadres and the masses fully understand and accurately grasp the “Regulations” meaning.”Good habits are important to form, to adhere to.We benefited a lot from the experts’ lectures.”In the garbage classification practice site, resident Li Duhua under the guidance of the guide, carefully put the garbage into different categories.Wang Yuanlin, director of urban management department of provincial Department of Housing and Construction, introduced that Nanchang had a solid foundation as one of the pilot cities of national household waste classification.The lecture mainly focuses on the policy explanation of MSW classification, the interpretation of the Regulations, and the sharing and exchange of MSW classification practice and experience. The content is rich, hierarchical, and has strong guidance, pertinence and operability.The department has set up a volunteer service team for garbage classification, and will continue to encourage residents in the area to become garbage classification propagandists and guiders, so that everyone should take action and every family should participate, so that garbage classification becomes a trend and everyone can become a promoter of green development and a beneficiary of a better environment.”Promote garbage classification, front-end reduction is the key, we should not only learn to classify garbage, but also practice cd-rom action, reduce excessive packaging, reduce the use of disposable products, reduce the generation of garbage at the source.”During the tour, the provincial department of housing and Construction related departments said, “Regulations” a total of ten chapter 69, the planning and construction, source reduction, classified delivery, classified collection and transportation and processing, social participation, supervision and management, rural household garbage management, legal responsibility have made clear provisions.Article 9 of Chapter 1 of the Regulations clearly puts forward the work of “carbon emission reduction”, which is the first time to put forward the requirement of “carbon emission reduction” of garbage classification in the provincial waste management legislation.The Regulations also make it clear that those who fail to put household garbage into corresponding containers as required, if the circumstances are serious, will be fined between 100 yuan and 500 yuan;A maximum fine of 500,000 yuan shall be imposed on collection and transportation units for arbitrarily dumping and discarding household garbage or dropping leachate.Wang yuanlin said that the province has built 30 garbage incineration power plants with a daily processing capacity of 31,000 tons of household garbage, exceeding the province’s daily production capacity of 30,000 tons of household garbage, which can realize resource utilization and treatment.In 11 districts and cities, the treatment of untreated household garbage in urban areas has basically gone to landfill.The construction of domestic waste terminal treatment facilities is in the forefront of the country.According to the introduction, the new waste incineration facilities installed special particulate matter collection devices, will greatly reduce the generation of secondary pollution.By 2025, Jiangxi province will continue to improve the reduction, recycling and harmless level of domestic waste.Daily processing capacity of household garbage 36,000 tons.The closed loop system of urban and rural household garbage classification has been basically completed in the province, and the legal constraint mechanism has been basically completed. The urban and rural household garbage recycling and utilization system has been in good operation. The atmosphere of garbage classification has become increasingly strong, and the garbage classification habit of the people has taken shape.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: