Wu Lei did not appear in the current round of La Liga, the end of the prospect of staying abroad?Han Qiaosheng see decline: prepare psychologically

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Barcelona scored a late equaliser to earn a 2-2 draw with Espanyol in la Liga.This game, Chinese player Wu Lei sat on the bench for 90 minutes, did not get the opportunity to appear.Many fans feel that Espanyol coach Moreno should give Wu lei playing time.First, espanyol used two substitutions for the game, with three remaining.If Moreno had used all five substitutions, he would have run out of time in the closing stages.Espanyol will not be injury time, Barcelona again seized the opportunity to deny parity.Next, Wu Lei is in the competition that represents Spanish person to go to war with barsa before, can have particularly grab an eye to develop.In Spain’s first leg of the season against Barcelona, for example, Wu Lei brought a new look to the team’s attack after coming on as a substitute.Wu Lei almost set up a goal for The Spaniards, leaving a deep impression on the fans.In addition, Wu Lei once in espanyol against Barcelona’s game scored a goal, became his stay in la Liga highlight moment.Therefore, Moreno in the current round of Spain against Barca’s game, did not let Wu Lei substitute debut, is indeed a failure.In this regard, han Qiaosheng, a famous commentator, expressed his opinion that Wu Lei now stays in Spain and expects to get more playing time in the future, which is enough.It is very bad for strikers not to play for long periods of time.Wu Lei signed with the Spanish team is a big contract, to continue to stay in the Spanish team will only lead to worse and worse, the need to make psychological preparation.Fans believe wu lei could consider a move to Europe’s second – and third-tier leagues now that he has been relegated to the bench in Espanyol.The Swiss super league that Li Lei serves for example, is worth wu Lei key consideration.The Swiss Super League is better than the Chinese Super League and is particularly suitable for Chinese players.This point from Li Lei on behalf of grasshopper team kicked the second game is won an assist, you can see.Hope Wu Lei can usher in the new peak of Liuyang as soon as possible, continue to bring wonderful goals to the fans.(Luo Manager)