Don’t want to wash your smelly shoes?Use these “little things” to save you the embarrassment of taking your shoes off!

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When visiting other people’s houses during the Spring Festival, the most embarrassing thing is to take off your shoes and worry about the smell on your feet.Besides, every time I go out to buy shoes, I dare not take off my shoes and try them on.Never dare to go to the Japanese material shop with friends, for fear of taking off shoes will be disliked!Want to make feet without taste, in addition to frequently wash feet for socks, shoes also need often clean, but many people are busy at work, even if the shoes have a bad smell, or have no time to clean, share with you a few little thing, do it today have after they easily can embarrass we bid farewell to take off their shoes!In daily life, washing feet is a must do every day, but shoes do not need to be washed every day, after all, it is easy to affect the length of wearing shoes after brushing, and many shoes will become discolored, hard, wearing on the feet is not comfortable!But for the taste of shoes, must be timely clean, if not clean, may also affect our health, shoes generally half a month clean once, so that you can ensure that shoes clean clean without any bacteria and dirt!Winter shoes can be appropriately extended, generally a month or so clean once;The time of shoes in summer needs to be shortened, because in summer, our feet sweat more seriously, coupled with the shoes are a closed space airtight, will let our shoes appear some taste!Here’s how to say goodbye to smelly shoes!02 How to clean shoes but for some young people, usually work very hard, there is no time to clean shoes, this time how to do?Teach you a few methods, even if you do not brush shoes, shoes can be as clean as new no smell!01 Small white shoes cleaning wet wipes many friends who do not like to brush shoes, must try this small white shoes cleaning wet wipes, it is very convenient to clean with it, just like we usually smoke paper, take out a wipe the dirt inside and outside the shoes!These wipes do not damage the surface of the shoe material, a simple rub can wipe the dirt on the top of the shoe, and the plant essence inside, can also play a role in shoe maintenance.I have a lot of small white shoes at home, usually a brush will turn yellow, I use cleaning wipes to clean, not only can clean clean, but also can play a role in fixing color, so that the shoes have been clean as new!If you are too lazy to brush your shoes, you must try the small white shoe wipes, which are a treasure treasure to free your hands. Generally, stains can be dissolved by its powerful cleaning factor, so you might as well try it!02 Deodorant spray Shoes in addition to the need to pay attention to the cleanliness, but also need to care about the smell inside, how to remove the smell of shoes, then be sure to try deodorant spray!This shoe deodorant spray was recommended to me by my friend who studied abroad in Japan. Japanese people pay great attention to hygiene, and many restaurants in Japan need to take off their shoes, so I developed a solution to the embarrassing problem of foot odor, that is, shoe deodorant!Usually go out or enter the house, just need to spray a simple spray, not only can remove the odor inside the shoes, but also can play a role in inhibiting the breeding of bacteria!Before using the spray, I was worried about getting my shoes wet. After using the spray, I found that the spray nozzle is very thin, using nanotechnology, even if you put more spray on your shoes or feet, you will not feel wet. It is really amazing!The biggest benefit of shoe deodorant is that in addition to smell, it also inhibits sweating on our feet, keeps our feet dry, and keeps the inside of our shoes in a clean and odorless environment!Prepare a shoe deodorant at home, in addition to spraying on shoes and feet, but also the whole shoe cabinet spray, so as to ensure that the shoes are dry without any smell, this shoe deodorant is herbal essence, will not affect the body, we can rest assured to use!Conclusion: There are many embarrassing moments in life, such as changing shoes when going out, and then taking off shoes when visiting someone else’s house. If you want to avoid these embarrassing moments, you might as well try one of these very popular treasure goods to help you say goodbye to these embarrassing social death moments.For more exciting content, check out the household items