Puning City cultural center to implement the provincial party secretary Li Xi to uncover the spirit of research instructions

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Puning city cultural museum to implement the provincial party secretary Li Xi relic uncovered research instructions spirit of focus on creating a cultural brand in Jieryang for the construction of a strong province to establish new work 17 morning, provincial Party secretary Li Xi relic uncovered research, walked into the Puning city cultural museum exhibition hall, visit the site exhibition Chen, listen to the local intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance.He encouraged cultural workers continue to put forth effort to do a good job of non-material cultural heritage collection and investigation clues, the heart with feeling good protection, inheritance and development puning English song, puning inlay porcelain, distinctive in jieyang jade carving and other intangible cultural heritage and the traditional culture and art, promote the traditional culture and the organic integration of industrial development, make its glow vitality in the new era.The words of Yin encouraged many cultural workers, and they all said that they would focus on building jieyang cultural brand and make new contributions to the construction of a strong cultural province.Puning is well known as the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art and the hometown of ethnic folk art in Guangdong Province.In recent years, puning cultural center actively non-material cultural heritage and folk culture and art of digging, the declaration and protection work, puning existing at all levels of intangible cultural heritage representative projects 51, not genetic bearing people 43 people, including national intangible representative projects – puning English songs and puning inlay porcelain, become our city xiamen is the Chinese and foreign cultural card,Provincial intangible cultural Heritage representative project Guizheng mountain tea pot “a jar in hand, all the customs of thousands of mountains”, Puning bean sauce is the best flavor of Chaoshan seasoning……All kinds of folk culture and art shine brilliantly.Chen Laifa, representative inheritor of puning Yingge, a national intangible cultural heritage project, and head coach of Puning Nanshan Yingge Team, said that Li xi encouraged cultural workers to protect, inherit and develop intangible cultural heritage and traditional culture and art, which encouraged everyone.According to Chen Laifa, Puning Yingge combines drama, dance, martial arts and music. It is a traditional folk dance with a broad mass base and social basis. However, it is difficult to pass on the traditional dance because most of the performers are amateur dancers and it can be replaced quickly.In recent years, in order to better promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, they advocate “Yingge from children” and push “Puning Yingge into the campus”, which has achieved good results.As the inheritor, he will further intensify his efforts to promote Puning Yingge from children to the community, attract more teenagers to join in, and make puning Yingge have better dancers and go further.Puning cultural center director dan-ping Chen said that the museum will further the implementation of the provincial party committee, secretary of Mr Leahy relic to jie research instruction spirit, continue to diligently use feeling good protection, inheritance and development puning ying song, puning porcelain embedded with distinctive characteristics of intangible cultural heritage and the traditional culture and art, on the basis of the survey report, with training to improve as the gripper, to promote show as the carrier,With inheritance and development as the goal, we will comprehensively promote the protection of rural intangible cultural heritage, promote the organic integration of traditional culture and industrial development, and make Puning Intangible cultural heritage full of new vitality in the new era.Zhang Chaoming, deputy director of the museum, also said that puning will be based on the actual situation, further excavate the heritage, give full play to its characteristics, strengthen and expand the cultural industry, and make new contributions to the construction of a strong cultural province.Source: Jieyang Daily Reporter: Lin Wenjun Special Correspondent: Luo Kaihan Editor: Man Ling Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn