Seize the last minute to prepare for Valentine’s Day!Here are five cool tips

2022-07-05 0 By

For Amazon sellers, the big rush of the New Year is over, and the upcoming small sales peak is Valentine’s Day. Presumably, all sellers have already selected products, but before valentine’s Day, no one knows who will be the winner of the popular style on Valentine’s Day. It is always good to make more preparations.Today, we have compiled a list of handmade valentine’s Day products that are popular on Amazon.01 DIY Plaster sculpture Kit This is a great souvenir for couples, not too difficult to operate.It has topped Amazon’s best seller list for sculptural molding and casting products, garnering 24,358 reviews.02 Love Tree Pop-up Card Although this card is 3D design, but only paper products, this kind of low cost and creative small gifts, is also one of the direction of choice.03 DIY wooden heart ornaments products are easy to make, and not only suitable for Valentine’s Day sales, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Christmas can be sold as a gift.The king of the Valentine’s Day vibe and number one on Amazon’s best seller list of candle making kits.05 homemade bracelets have different color choices, so that sellers can provide buyers with diversified products, increase the buyer’s order rate.