CCTV5 live!Zhejiang and Guangdong war G1 attack, Du Feng to send Zhejiang out, black and White Dwarf fight Wu Qian

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CBA playoff play-off all finished, so far this season’s eight is also officially released, in addition to the league’s top four Liaoning men’s basketball, Zhejiang and Shanghai men’s basketball, through the play-off Guangdong Hongyuan, Shanxi men’s basketball, Jilin men’s basketball and Shenzhen men’s basketball, and the top half of the team to carry out eight into four fierce competition!On Thursday, the two focal points of the battle were liaoning men’s basketball against Shanxi men’s basketball, and Guangdong Hongyuan against Zhejiang men’s basketball!Guangdong hongyuan and Zhejiang men’s basketball war, I believe to attract the attention of the most fans!Two teams with similar strength, similar offensive and defensive systems and similar lineup configuration will bring us a “Mars hit earth” series!Hongyuan coach Du Feng confident before the game, it seems that has been determined to send Zhejiang out, and Guangdong Hongyuan back “black and white short” three little, will also be headed by Zhejiang Wu Qian back line!For hongyuan, Zhejiang men’s basketball is definitely a strong opponent.In the past few seasons, even guangdong’s three-peat team, with its two super foreign players in Marshawn Brooks and Weems, as well as a host of quality local players, has not been able to suppress Zhejiang, but has occasionally been turned over.Fans who are familiar with both teams can find that Hongyuan and Zhejiang men’s basketball team both belong to the offensive end of the fast hit three points, the defensive end of the team like to tear with a tough attitude, the offensive and defensive systems are very similar.In the case of similar characteristics, who gives a better state of presence, more desire for life, who can grasp the opportunity to win the game.Xiaobian think, hongyuan and Zhejiang this series, should be eight into four of the four wars the most difficult to predict the results!But in the eyes of hongyuan head coach Du Feng, he still has very sufficient confidence.Du feng said that the team has been in good shape since entering the playoffs and its focus on the game has also improved.Zhejiang men’s basketball team is a strong team, hongyuan to have impact and learning attitude and they “fight”, of course, he is full of confidence in the performance of the players!Du Feng can say such words, certainly in the two sides of the situation after enough understanding of the judgment.Hongyuan side before the injured forward Ren Junfei is sure to complete the comeback in G1, and Zhejiang men’s basketball, known as “Hongyuan nefarier” zhu Xuhang has been basically determined to reimburse the playoffs.Under this, hongyuan in the depth of the lineup this piece, really want to lead before Zhejiang men’s basketball!Whether HTC can beat the G1 to the punch depends on two things.First, to “black and white short” headed hongyuan defensive line, whether can complete the blockade of Wu.Second, Yi Jianlian, Su Wei and Zeng Fari can well limit the play of Yu Jiahao, the inner core of Zhejiang men’s basketball team.Play Zhejiang, the most important is locked inside and outside the two core Wu Qian and Yu Jiahao.I hope Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie, especially Zhao Rui, can do a good job of defending Wu Qian, do not let him feel the sense of three-part, to drive the whole team to play.As for Yu Jiahao, after all, the United is old, the state is not as good as before, can only say as far as possible to limit.Generally speaking, hongyuan in the experience of the upper hand, but the state and athletic ability and physical strength, is indeed inferior to Zhejiang men’s basketball.