Can you earn more than 10,000 yuan a month by buying and selling domain names?

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“If you buy a domain name on our platform at a low price, you can get a rebate of 300 yuan for every 5 orders.After the domain name is recovered at a high price, you can earn 50 percent of the price difference, and you can easily become rich if you work at home.Such a network pop-up message, so that the computer in front of the many users moved, but this is the criminals carefully designed fraud.Xiao Yuan, who lives in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province, was browsing the Internet in August 2020 when she saw an advertisement for a part-time job in domain name swiping.Xiao Yuan’s biggest wish recently is to find a suitable job after spending many days at home, but the positions offered by the local job market are not attractive to him, either because of high work intensity or low income.Feeling anxious about being unemployed for a long time, Xiao Yuan turned to online recruitment.Small circle in accordance with the advertising page QQ number, contact advertising xiaoxuan, understand the specific work content.The other party said that the job content is to buy the designated network domain name in their online platform shop, and increase the sales volume of the shop. If five orders are used, 3% of the rebate will be given.Small inn also said that the Internet age, the good value of the domain name, buy domain name also can be used as a new type of investment goods, their team will be responsible for packing, the domain name DNS client cheaply, can sell in the future, as long as you have free time, sitting at home computer to domain name can be bought and sold, lucky about where should not be a problem.After listening to The introduction of Xiao Xuan, this zero-cost, low threshold, high return work is xiao Yuan’s dream, he immediately agreed to join the brush team.Xiao Yuan in accordance with the link provided by xiao Xuan into the other side of the shop, found that there are several domain names for sale.Because this is the first time to contact the domain name brushing work, xiao Yuan is not familiar with the specific operation process.At this point, “close” small xuan proposed to teach small circle to buy domain name through remote guidance.In the process of remote guidance, Xiao Yuan watched the other party operate the computer, click the option of registration and purchase, until the last step, the other party used the alipay payment function and xiao Yuan paid 987 yuan, so xiao Yuan successfully purchased the first domain name.Familiar with the operation process, small circle and their own order to buy 4 domain names.Later, the other party said that a small number of short, concise and easy to remember domain names were newly added to the shop within a limited time, which had a certain investment value.Thinking domain name appreciation space is very big, xiao Yuan bought 3 “high value” domain name.Follow the trail criminal gang is “00” after the payment of 8964 yuan, small circle has been waiting for the opportunity to change the domain name, let the other side to cash the promise of swipe back, but the other side has been delayed, and called to prevent network platform monitoring, need small circle will contact before the QQ number deleted, add xiao Xuan to provide the new QQ number to return cash.Small circle in accordance with the requirements of the operation, the other side has not returned money, and then urge, found that the other side has been screened.Small circle this just realized that he was cheated, but can only call the police for help.According to the alipay transfer records provided by Xiaoyuan, the two recipients, Wang Hui and Wang Yong, were identified by the police as suspects.In September 2020, police arrested Wang Hui, Wang Yong, Yang Hua and Zeng Hong, who were committing fraud, in an apartment in Xiamen.To the surprise of the police is that the front of the 4 telecom network fraud suspects exposed green, and the impression of the well versed in deception, crafty cheater is not quite the same, they are “00 after”, are just graduated from school soon, inexperienced young people.After in-depth understanding, the 4 suspects grew up together, more than ten years of friendship let them like brothers, everything can share happiness and sorrow.As adults, they lived on their own. Fresh out of college, they rented an apartment in Xiamen and lived together.Except for Wang Yong, who found a temporary job at a local factory, the other three are unemployed and spend their days surfing the Internet and playing video games in their rented apartment.Wang yong’s meager salary is also difficult to maintain everyone’s daily expenses.In August 2020, Zeng was pulled into an online chat group, where some people talked about cheating by buying and selling domain names on online platforms.Zeng Hong told the other three people the routine he learned, and said that this routine is to use others who know that this kind of operation is illegal, but also covet running points and rebates, even if cheated also afraid of the police.Listened to the introduction of Zeng Hong, we agreed that this is a “business opportunity”.Take the initiative to return stolen goods guilty plea was sentenced to probation 4 people decided to try by Wang Hui, Yang Hua, Zeng Hong.Yang Hua registered an account on the network platform and bought some expired domain names at a low price and put them into his account.By Wang Hui, Zeng Hong in a variety of social chat software published brush single run sub advertising.If someone is interested, Wang and Zeng chat with each other as customers of the platform. After gaining their trust, they ask each other to buy the domain name.When he met some people who could not buy domain names, Yang hua taught the victims how to buy domain names through remote guidance.Once the victim finished the payment, Wang hui and their no longer pay attention to each other, until Yang Hua took advantage of his computer technology expertise, through the remote control of their QQ deletion, and the transaction data deleted platform.After working for 4 days, Wang Hui and them successfully cheated more than 8000 yuan.When Wang Yong saw the profits, he immediately quit his job at the factory and threw himself into the brushing scam.In a short month, four people cheated more than 20,000 yuan.After the incident, 4 people are remorseful, take the initiative to return the stolen goods and compensation in full, but also willing to plead guilty.On December 30, 2021, four people were prosecuted by zhangjiagang People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of fraud.In January 2022, the court accepted the sentencing recommendations of the procuratorial organs and sentenced four people to prison terms ranging from seven months to one year, with suspended sentences ranging from one year to one year and six months.Prosecutors remind, network domain name brush single routine is a telecommunications network fraud method, network job seekers should be alert to brush single part-time advertising, do not be tempted by small profits, fall into the trap of fraud.(The people involved in the article are pseudonyms) Zhangjiagang prosecutors released text by Li Xiaoyan editor by Yang Yang