Sichuan issued an orange alert for forest and grassland fires and forest fires have been put out in Guang ‘an

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Rescue workers clean up a forest fire in Guang ‘an.Photo by Nie Xingzhe rescue workers at the scene of the forest fire in Guang ‘an are cleaning up the fire.Chengdu, March 16 (reporter Liu Zhongjun)16, Sichuan forest prevention office issued high forest grassland fire hazard orange alert.At the same time, the province’s Guang ‘an city forest fires occurred in the open fire extinguishment, fire cleaning, guarding and other work is orderly.On the morning of March 15, a forest fire broke out in Longtang Street, Fenglian District, Guang ‘an city, Sichuan Province.After the fire, the local immediately mobilized militia, professional fire-fighting rescue forces rushed to the scene to fight the fire.At the same time, evacuate the surrounding people to safe areas, the fire caused no casualties.In the morning of March 16th, the rescue forces seized the favorable climate opportunity of light wind and low temperature, and launched rescue operations on the east, south and southwest lines of the fire site. At the same time, more than 10 kilometers of water were set up to put out the fire, and conventional machines and tools such as the wind fire extinguisher were used to put out and clean the fire site, and all the open fires were put out.The forest fire burned an area of about 190 mu, no casualties, no important facilities damage.Rescuers are fighting a forest fire in Guang ‘an.According to preliminary investigation, the forest fire in Guang ‘an city was caused by the wind blowing the flames to the surrounding area and igniting weeds when the local forest was burning to eliminate pine wood nematodes.In addition, according to the sichuan meteorological department forecast, from March 16 to 20, panzhihua city, southern Ganzi Prefecture, western southern Liangshan Prefecture, the main forest (pasture) area to sunny to cloudy weather, forest grassland fire risk meteorological level is high.Sichuan forestry and grassland authorities forecast that the forest and grassland fire risk in the above areas is level 4, up to level 5 in some areas.By sichuan, refers to the office, provincial bureau of trees and, in consultation with the province meteorological bureau, the comprehensive assessments and meteorological conditions, the forest phenology, wild fire and fire situation, is expected to March 16 solstice 20, the region forest fire danger rating will remain in the high risk level, the fire situation is very grim, release the forest grassland fire orange alert.Rescue workers fight a forest fire in Guang ‘an.The Forest Prevention and Control Office in Sichuan province warned that the above areas should pay close attention to weather and forest and grassland fire trends.Supervise and guide relevant areas to implement response measures in strict accordance with the Notice of Sichuan Forest and Grassland Fire Prevention and Control Headquarters on Normalize And Control Of Forest and Grassland Fire In Different Regions (Sichuan Forest And Grassland Prevention And Control Guide (2021) No. 31) and strictly prevent forest and grassland fires.Sichuan issued the fire warning involving 24 counties (cities, districts), among which ganzi Prefecture has 9: Batang, Litang, Yajiang, Kangding, Luding, Derong, Xiangcheng, Daocheng, Jiulong;There are 10 in Liangshan Prefecture: Muli, Mianning, Xide, Xichang, Dechang, Yanyuan, Puge, Huili, Huidong and Ningnan;Panzhihua city 5: Renhe, west, east, rice easy, yanbian.Source: