Tianxin Village has constantly improved and optimized the supporting industry of surfing

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Riyuewan is one of the top three surfing resorts in the world, which has high quality fixed point wave and beach wave.Tianxin village is only a few hundred meters away from riyue Bay, a popular surfing resort.As the nearest village to riyuewan Surfing Bay area, Tianxin Village has been vigorously developing surfing supporting industries such as homestays, restaurants and surf clubs in recent years, gradually becoming the first choice for most riyuewan tourists.In the middle of the afternoon, the restaurant on both sides of tian Xin village road in Liji town is doing brisk business. Tan Shaojun, the owner of “Xiang Hai Surfing homestay”, has just seen off a table of guests who have finished their meal, and is also busy with the tenant who has returned to the homestay with his surfboard.Tan Shaojun is tian SAN village villagers, self-employment as the village development of home stay facility industry “the first person to eat crab”, as early as in 2009, had to rent out their house to Tan Shaojun foreign merchants as a home stay facility operation, then gradually find business opportunities, use the earned rent will also house the home stay facility, officially start their own businesses.”Riyuewan held the first Wanning International Surfing Competition in 2010. Since then, riyuewan has hosted many surfing events and concerts every year. It has gradually become lively.”Referring to the development and change of Riyuewan, Tan Shaojun all regrets, “with the development speed of the village is almost visible to the naked eye, the feeling is suddenly ‘outbreak’.”Tian Xin Village secretary Chen Zhenguo told reporters that the village’s industrial structure was relatively simple in the past, and the villagers’ economic income mainly came from areca, rice and other crops.As surfing continued to grow in Riyuewan, young people in the village became more involved in surfing and made a career out of it — some became surf instructors, some ran surf clubs…Thanks to the expansion and extension of surfing supporting industry, the villagers’ economic income has been greatly improved compared with the past.Nowadays, more and more village operators in “home stay facility, catering and surfing teaching” as the main line, continuously upgrade their own “entrepreneurship”, in providing tourists with function more complete entertainment places at the same time, pay more attention to raising the level of management and service in their shops, makes every effort to more specialization, standardization of service win the favor of tourists.”In addition to surfing supporting industries, Tianxin Village will also build a” Flower sea tourism “project centering on Fairy Pond in recent two years to further strengthen the collective economy of the village and empower the tourism industry to achieve high-quality development.”When referring to the future development planning of Tianxin Village, Chen Zhenguo said that Tianxin Village will continue to consolidate the industrial foundation while focusing on the village living environment, social security, fire safety and other work, to further improve the villagers’ sense of gain, happiness and security in life.Reporter: Zeng Junqian Pei Ying Tuan intern: Huang LAN Compilation: Peng Ying Production: Weng Shiwu Chen Mingsi