The 10 most Popular Japanese DRAMAS of 2021!”My Family’s Story” and “The Beginning of a Comedy” made the list

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Compared with Korean and American dramas with compact plots, Japanese dramas tend to focus more on depicting the appearance of “daily life”, unconsciously arousing the resonance of the audience, making people both cry and laugh because of the delicate plots.As the Spring Festival holiday is coming, let’s take a look back at some wonderful Japanese dramas in 2021. Choose one that resonates with you and let these enduring Japanese dramas warm and heal your heart.At the end of each year, we share our 10 favorite Japanese dramas of the year.However, it is always particularly painful to review, after all, there are so many Japanese dramas that it is not easy to make a choice.Therefore, those Japanese dramas that are not selected do not mean that they are not good, they just have different tastes.In addition to the doping of personal selfishness and spoiled mood, more important is whether the script is new, and whether the plot touches my heart.This list can also serve as a reference for you to enjoy watching TV while you stay at home!”As long as I’m good at home, I don’t want anything more.””My Family,” an original work by talented screenwriter Koguro Miyto and starring Tomoya Nagase, uses comedy to wrap serious issues around the joys and sorrows of a family and how an adult son accompanies an elderly father through the final stages of his life.The development of the story is sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and at one moment it makes the audience feel deeply, and at another moment it makes the audience burst into laughter.This play will be “nengle” and “wrestling” cleverly combined together, and the description of father and son, elder care, family inheritance and so on, although does not belong to the popular theme, but there are many profound meaning in which, touched more regret, perhaps is the portrayal of real life!”Losing a game is not a failure.”Performed by five contemporary young actors, The Comedy Begins is a group play depicting “dreams”, “failures” and “choices”, interweaving thought-provoking and poetic youth stories.Content both burst into laughter and tears, the story has a strong aftereffect, full of literary sense of the plot, creating a new pattern of Japanese drama.There is no high-spirited hero in the play, only a group of small people everywhere, 3 not red funny artist, plus a pair of lost sisters, the audience seems to see their own shadow on the role, unconsciously warm heart plot to heal.The script written by Jin Zi Maoshu seems to be straightforward and easy to understand, but in fact every sentence is classic and has the power to touch people’s hearts.”I can be happy even if I am single.”Matsu Takako plays the construction company president soybean field permanent son after 3 marriages, she and her daughter live together, comfortable and full of life, but the heart is still eager to fall in love.Even though she doesn’t want to see her three ex-husbands, her relationship with them is still messy.In the process of watching this Japanese drama, just like playing entertainment, each episode has a different surprise, the joy and sorrow of all kinds of emotions concentrated together, it is a romantic comedy that makes the audience laugh with tears.We learn the spirit of permanent son, smile in the face of life in all kinds of things.Scriptwriter Hiroji Banyuan this time is also a golden sentence, plus wonderful plot, let a person see more!TOKYO MER action Emergency Room “There are lives that cannot be saved just by waiting!””TOKYO MER Operation Emergency Room” describes how a new medical team is set up in order to protect the safety of citizens. Medical professionals travel to the scene of a dangerous accident or disaster in a large vehicle equipped with the latest equipment and operating rooms, and perform emergency treatment against time.To “no dead” as the mission, presenting the ideal medical style, this Japanese drama is wonderful, there is no cold, the overall start and finish is quite smooth, especially the actors’ hard performance, more people exhaled, happy.The TV station insists on producing in a high standard and large-scale way, just like the shooting scenes of movies, bringing warm and positive energy to everyone during the severe period of the epidemic.”I couldn’t be prouder of my grueling, obnoxious job as a cop.””Secret inside ~ Policewoman’s counterattack ~” plot in humor, intersperses real and helpless, vivid and true description of the police work and daily, is a workplace drama that makes people feel very deep, all the police’s hard and bitter.Although it maintains a plain and simple style from beginning to end, it unconsciously soothes the hearts of the audience.I think the light is to see “forever wild bud yu” and “household tian Hui pear sweet” the interaction of these two actors is very pleasing to the eye, relaxed and happy, they respectively play the former elite Interpol and rookie small police, different generations of beauty cooperation for the first time, as expected wipe out amazing sparks!The figure of two people working hard together has become the most beautiful scenery in this summer.”To be able to connect with someone you like is a miracle!””Bad boy and white cane girl” to the blind school class in the amblyopic girl and a scar on the face of the bad boy as the protagonist, two people accidentally met, developed a section of pure and fresh love.This work presents the inconveniences and tests that visually impaired people encounter in their lives, as well as the discrimination and dilemma faced by delinquent teenagers on the edge of society.People who embrace inferiority, heal each other and move forward together.It’s not just the love stories that are fascinating, but the portrayal of friendship and family love is also heartwarming.It can be said that the world view of the story is gentle.Sugi Sakima and Sugi Wild Yao ryu composed of SUGi CP to arouse the audience’s young girl heart, 32 cm difference in the most adorable height has become a highlight.”No matter how much you love someone, there are times when things just can’t be said, so tell them while you still can.””If at that time kissed him” bold challenge “soul exchange” and “BL” theme, although many old terrier with popular elements together, still can surprise victory, staged a sincere warm, explosive laugh funny love comedy, after watching to ensure that there is a relief pressure effect.Matsuzaka taoli as the decadent otaku male fall in love with Aso Kumiko as the beauty of the cartoonist, but the heroine’s soul actually ran into the well pu new role of the middle-aged uncle of the body, then a paragraph of alternative uncle love started.This story makes us realize that in our short life, if we can be brave to be ourselves and open our arms to embrace the people we love, that is the happiest thing.”What is right for one man may be evil for another.”Ji high by the lining starring suspense pure love drama “love”, the development of each episode is always able to cause a heated discussion, whether the actor superb excellent performance, or thrilling plot, people can’t wait to go down.Utada light singing theme song < Jun Ni dream > is more important, for the story to add beautiful atmosphere.The setting of the two male protagonists is also a selling point. They guard the heroine affectionately and without regret, and the audience falls into the choice barrier.”Love” as a mystery play, can only calculate the rules, if you can get rid of mystifying arrangements will be a lot better.However, I really appreciate director ayuko Tsukahara’s approach to the film, which thoroughly demonstrates her delicate style and dreamy movement.”No man, good or bad, deserves to be killed.”Healing department goddess Ayase Yao played a sense of justice but not the point of the frank criminal, chameleon male god Takahashi life as cunning cold abnormal murderer, when they accidentally soul exchange, full of dramatic tension development is amazing.We are deeply attracted by the wonderful performance of the male and female protagonists, whether it is the tense process of the confrontation in front, or the big reversal of the soul swap, both of them play their best acting.Heaven and Hell gets the suspense and punchline right, but only the first half of the film is highly regarded, and the ending is a bit disappointing.Finally the scriptwriter unexpectedly left a foreshadowing, I wonder if the network is interested in making a sequel?”Don’t give up on the things you really love. Don’t avoid the things that matter most.”Dressed up for a Reason is a romantic drama full of spring, but it can deeply bring out the troubles faced by each character and their way of survival.”Kawaguchi spring nai” as the intention to dress up and packaging their own bright little net red, encounter “Yokohama meteor” as a setback and abandon all the minimalist dining car male, two people began to rent life, so over time feeling, initiation of love miao.Being attracted to someone despite having completely opposite values.Those days of knowing and cherishing each other, let each other’s lives began to shine.After watching this Japanese drama, I believe that we will also want to talk about such sweet but not greasy love!