Hunan University of Technology: Exploring “Three pairs” and “Four Spans” to create a “password” for education

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Hunan Daily February 19 news (all media reporter Zhou Ti correspondent Wang Huanfang Hu Qinfang Bin Hou) in recent years, the “new business” concept arises at the historic moment, for the future.On February 18, a special seminar was held again in business School of Hunan University of Technology.We made positive suggestions on how to deepen the talent development model of “triple double” and “four spans”.This has long been the norm at the school.The so-called “new business” concept means that the traditional business disciplines are reorganized and interlaced, new technologies are integrated into business courses, and people are educated with new ideas, new models and new methods.Inspired by this advanced concept, business School of HUNAN University of Technology has gradually formed a unique education “password” in recent years, and won the honor of “2021 Business Education Brand Strength College” and so on.”This set of ‘passwords’, we named’ three pairs’ and ‘four crosses’, aiming to take the reform and innovation of business talent training mode as the main hand to comprehensively improve the level of education and education, and help the quality of talent training and social service brand image to be greatly improved.”College related person in charge said.System layout “triple double”, mainly to improve the quality of education.According to introduction, the so-called “triple double” mainly includes dual training, dual guidance and guidance, and mass entrepreneurship and innovation drive.Dual training mainly through constantly opening up new ways of school-enterprise cooperation, the target enterprises are invited to the school, including Suning Holding Group Co., LTD., Shenzhen Beitong Testing Co., LTD., etc., to actively absorb students into the company for internship and employment, strengthen guidance, and enhance the cultivation of students’ practical ability.Double guidance guidance aims to help students not only have systematic theoretical knowledge, but also guide them to apply the theoretical system to practice by giving full play to the advantages of tutors inside and outside the school, so as to improve students’ comprehensive quality and rationally plan their career.Entrepreneurship and innovation drive is to run innovation and entrepreneurship education through the whole process of business personnel training, focusing on strengthening students’ innovative spirit, entrepreneurial consciousness and innovation and entrepreneurship ability.Precision force “four cross”, in order to create a brand of education.The main content of the school is interdisciplinary, cross-line, cross-group and cross-border. With the construction principle of “each breakthrough, comprehensive progress”, the school deeply excavates the superior resources of different disciplines, different organizations, online and offline, domestic and foreign, and comprehensively creates a brand of business education that meets the needs of new business development.”Each content has a focus so that it can be effective and efficient.”Relevant person in charge told reporters.Specifically, interdisciplinary education aims to integrate and synthesize ideas and methods of different disciplines so that students’ abilities can be leap-forward to the greatest extent.By changing the education concept, innovating the teaching mode, actively opening the education mode integrating online and offline, giving full play to the advantages of new media, establishing a more three-dimensional education system;Cross-group Yoren is looking forward to actively connecting with the transformation and upgrading of local industries by taking root in Zhuzhou, and establishing strategic cooperative relations with Tianyuan district, Shifeng District, Liling and other districts and counties to achieve mutual benefit and win-win for the government, parks, colleges and students.The school attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchanges. It has enrolled academic classes for overseas students, graduate students and international bilingual experimental classes for business administration. It actively participates in academic exchanges with international organizations to expand its influence.”Eclectic healthy talent, talent training innovation is always on the way.In the future, we will closely follow the pace of national higher education reform, strengthen top-level design, focus on the construction of projects to improve quality and cultivate excellence, and comprehensively promote the high-quality development of education projects.School officials said.[Editor: Li Chuanxin][Source: Hunan Daily]