Xuyi: Brush and ink add fragrance to send blessings, and volunteer service warms the heart

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At the beginning of the end is the grassroots intensive period of volunteer service demand, is also widely spread volunteer culture is a good time to have the New Year, in-depth advocated transforming social traditions, to let people feel the influence of traditional culture, on January 25, xuyi cassia town five new era civilization practice by organizing volunteers to carry out the “pen and ink winter jasmine, joy send Spring Festival couplets” volunteer service activities.”Remember the bitter and sweet memories of history, changing customs in the New Year” “thrifty live, get rich, towards a well-off” “harmonious family, lanterns and colorful farewell;The industrious nation, joyfully make the Spring Festival “…At the scene of the activity, five calligraphers invited by Gui-Wu Town New Era Civilization Practice rolled up their sleeves and wrote with ink, using running script, official script and other kinds of writing techniques, one by one bold and bold characters, which were composed into shining warm and sincere blessings.Volunteers pass Spring Festival couplets, sun Spring Festival couplets, taste Spring Festival couplets, comment on Spring Festival couplets, will write good Spring Festival couplets to dry, the New Year’s blessing package, sent to the hands of the masses, with a blessing and warm Spring Festival couplets to everyone’s heart.The whole activity scene is dense with light ink fragrance, more permeated with thick New Year flavor.There is no spring without alliance, and the spring is stronger.Lines of elegant calligraphy, shining words of blessing, for the Year of Yin hu of The Year of Ren brought a different warmth.Grandma Wang in her 70s looked at the couplet and said with a smile: “Now our life has changed drastically, but the good tradition of thrift in the past is being lost. Many people do not know how to cherish and save. The couplets written by calligrapher all speak to my heart!Our good life is not easy, everyone should establish the concept of thrift, hard work to get rich, our Chinese traditional virtues will be handed down from generation to generation!Such activities should be held more often in the future.”Guangxi five town of transforming social traditions, advocating civilized fresh air in the form of the content of the New Year by calligraphy, understandable manner, not only to transform social traditions the concept of thorough popular feeling, more give full play to the grass-roots volunteer service people, solidarity, and promote the effect of harmony, to build a peaceful and warm good holidays.(Yao Yunlu) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com