After Liu Kan committed suicide, his wife would go to the liberated area to collect his body for him. Chiang Kai-shek: It is strictly forbidden to enter the enemy-occupied area

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After Liu Kan committed suicide, Peng Dehuai sent someone to bury him.Peng also commissioned the Xinhua News Agency of northern Shaanxi to release a message to the effect that Liu Kan, commander of the 29th Army of the Kuomintang (KMT), and Yan Ming, lieutenant general of the 90th Division of the KUOMINTANG (KMT), joined Chiang Kai-shek in the civil war and attacked the Border area of Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia. They were killed in the battle in Yichuan on March 1.Read its meritorious service in the war of Resistance against Japan during the war of Resistance against Japan, made contributions to the country and the people, special will be its body, coffin-wrapped, buried in the west of yichuan Yangdao village.After hearing this broadcast, if their relatives want to move, the army and civilians in the liberated areas will facilitate and cooperate.Liu Kan, Yan Ming’s wife in Xi ‘an got the news, such as Lei Hongding, immediately crying to Hu Zongnan asked to send people to move the body.Hu Zongnan did as he was told.Who knows sent to move the body before entering the liberated area, was weinan kuomintang garrison to “strengthen defense, not casually into the enemy occupied area” in the name, to block.After repeated consultation for instructions, just let them enter Yichuan.When they arrived in Yichuan, the local government was polite, and Peng dehuai approved the release of Yan Ming’s son, Yan Shouli, from the camp to help his mother take care of his father’s affairs.When Yan Shouli learned that carrying his father’s body by the Kuomintang in every way, angry stamping feet cursed.The defeat in Yichuan greatly angered Chiang Kai-shek, and he soon issued a personal order to remove Hu Zongnan from his post and keep him in office, and to remove chief of staff Sheng Wen from his post and investigate and send him to Nanjing to await trial.Liu Kan became general of the National Revolutionary Army.Before then, our northwest field army could only annihilate Hu Zongnan’s forces one brigade at a time, but in the battle of Yichuan, it could annihilate them one division at a time.The Battle of Yiwa created an unprecedented record in the northwest liberation battlefield.After this battle, the whole situation in the Northwest battlefield has changed.’This victory has changed the situation in the northwest and will affect the situation in the Central Plains,’ chairman MAO said in a commentary drafted for the spokesman of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army headquarters.In early April, Hu Zongnan found that our army was going to attack Baoji.Then quickly ordered Pei Changhui led the 5th regiment to Baoji, and ma Bufang to Changwu, Tingkou troops, at the same time withdrew the lone hanging hundreds of miles outside the Yanan garrison reorganized the 17th division, the 17th division along the road to Yanan Tongchuan turn guanzhong, south and luochuan soldiers to meet.But the 17th Division, up and down, were frightened by the battle of Shajiadian and Yichuan, did not dare to go south along the road.They thought it best to fly back the necessary heavy weapons and destroy the rest.It was easy for the troops to move after they had lost their helmets and armour.The 17th Division commander He Wending and others deliberately pretended to be calm in order to cover up the news of the retreat.It was not until the morning of April 21, when explosions of destruction were heard everywhere, that the people knew they were abandoning the city and fleeing.Like a bird alarmed by the bow of a bowstring, He Wending led the 17th Division to withdraw hastily from Yan ‘an and retreated south along the east road.On April 26, when they entered shijia River, they met with the third column of the People’s Liberation Army led by Xu Guangda, and were beaten to the ground. Luo River blocked the way in front of them, so they had to abandon all their heavy weapons and baggage and wade across the river.Fortunately, He Wending ran faster and was pushed by the guards before the first group across the river and fled to Pucheng.The 17th Division dropped 15 artillery pieces, 8 tanks, 48 vehicles, and a large amount of ammunition. 500 wounded soldiers and more than 3,000 soldiers became prisoners of the PLA.Later, Hu Zongnan and Chiang Kai-shek scolded He Wending, removed from office and investigated.As the last Kuomintang troops withdrew from Yan ‘an, the guerrillas of our military division entered the city in neat formations and again planted the red flag on the gate of Yan ‘an.Consider that a year ago, Chiang Kai-shek was still boasting about capturing Yan ‘an at the National Assembly. This is really a big irony!One year, one month and three days elapsed from March 19, 1947, when Chairman MAO and Zhou Enlai were the last group to withdraw from Yan ‘an, to April 22, 1948, when Yan ‘an was liberated for the second time.Peng Dehuai led the northwest Field Corps, in accordance with chairman MAO’s “grinding” strategy, a lively Hu Zongnan, wear, wear thin, wear down.The people of northern Shaanxi, with a cavity of their own sincere and powerful shoulders, pushed their army to victory, sent the central across the Yellow River, sent the northwest field army to the victory of the liberation of the country.