The All-Star game is a performing art with four courses

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The All-Star game is a performance art consisting of four subjects: play, dunk, shot and kill.Cleveland’s 75th anniversary All-Star Game featured all four, especially Curry’s shot and James’ kill.In the place where they were born, Curry made his all-star debut, setting an All-Star record with 16 3-pointers and becoming AMVP for the first time, while James, who had struggled shooting throughout the game, scored the game-winner in a 163-160 victory over Durant to complete “Team lebron’s” 5-0 victory.Compared with yesterday’s dunk contest, the All-Star game is more exciting overall, the key is to be patient, from the second quarter to find the main thread, the third quarter to look forward to, the fourth quarter really play, waiting for the most exciting moment.Although the format has been modified to honor Bryant with a final quarter, the 3-and-1 format is still too long.The first section is used to play, but today’s first section, both sides can not find a place to start, play not too enjoy.From the appearance, the pace is slow, the wonderful cooperation is less, Durant’s Embiid kept dunking, lebron team is a person to play, James’ sense of three is not good, from the first quarter has started.But Embiid’s MVP bid was palpable in the first quarter, when he made a 3-pointer, dunked everything else and scored 11 points in the quarter alone.Big centers don’t win many All-Star MVPS. Shaquille O ‘Neal tied with Tim Duncan in 2000, then with Los Angeles in 2004, and finally with Kobe Bryant in 2009.Big centers don’t have the ball, they have to be fed by good guards, and Embiid is on his own.In fact, in the second section, we started to find a little way, and the beautiful match gradually increased.That was the start of an MVP season for Curry, who led the scoring stars in the first half with 18 points on 6-of-7 3-point attempts.Along the way, young stars like “three-ball” Ball and DeJontae Murray, who sat out the first quarter, scored 10 and 13 points, respectively, in the second quarter to boost Durant’s play and take momentum away from Embiid, who scored six points in just over three minutes.Lebron’s Garland and Allen showed the host nation’s youthful strength, garland scoring 10 points in the second quarter.The MVP race between Curry and Embiid became slightly clearer in the first two quarters, with Embiid scoring 17 points to Curry’s 24.It’s a natural outcome who wins MVP in all-star games. People are watching as they play. Some people are like Embiid from the beginning, some people are playing to find out what they want.Embiid was underdog in the first half, but he could have won MVP if Durant won by scoring fewer points than Curry, so he worked extra hard in the third quarter, scoring 12 points in seven minutes.What’s more, curry was shooting threes like crazy in the second and third quarters, and Embiid, instead of just dunking, shot more threes starting in the second quarter, hitting 4 of 6 from 3-point range through two quarters.But Curry took lebron’s game into his own hands, hitting seven more 3-pointers in the third quarter, making 13 of 17 in the second and third quarters, and adding 45 points after three quarters.Not only did Curry take a pass from a teammate and shoot a 3-pointer, but he kept the ball in his own hands after the serve and shot it from a distance every chance he got.He made just one two-pointer, eight of his 16 three-pointers were long shots and at least three were logo shots.As I said at the beginning, the All-Star game is a performance art, play, dunk, shoot, kill, and the dunk is not just a dunk, but a great dunk.Today’s game made history, but there weren’t many spectacular dunks, one from Lavine and another from Trey Young’s flyaway to Morant.With Durant sidelined because of his grandmother’s death, starting point guard Trey Young became the team’s de facto leader, dismissing 10 assists in less than 20 minutes, including an open catch in the first quarter for Morant, who caught the ball in the air and turned 180 degrees for a backdunk.Unfortunately, the All-Star game is a bit of a seniority game and doesn’t favor big centers.Trey Young, though not his first starter, played limited minutes, and star Morante played less than 18 minutes, scoring six points.Another group of youngsters, Ball and Murray, played less, but were allowed to play the final quarter (off the clock).With Team lebron, vanvleet, a first-time All-Star, played less than 10 minutes.Embiid came up on his own with 29 points to Curry’s 45 after 3 quarters and Durant still up by 1, so if Embiid’s team wins, he definitely gets the MVP.Thus, 139+24=163, the final quarter of the goal points, the two sides began to play.The main line is clear, the main character is prominent, and the only thing left is to win.It was embiid who dominated from closer to the basket, scoring seven points in the fourth quarter, while Durant held Curry to just 1 for 6 from 3-point range.In Curry’s eyes, Davis’ 52-point game record was also a goal, but winning or losing was more important. He hit an early 3-pointer that gave lebron a five-point lead and two more to 50, but he missed any of his five chances to break Davis’s record.Embiid was on a killing streak at the end of the period, nearly capturing the rebound and converting the free throws.That’s when James’ pick-picking skills came into play, he had the letters, he had lebron Wang Drozan, and god gave him Jarrett Allen after Harden got hurt.Lebron had more height at the end, with Allen, Giannis Antetokounmpo and James, who has played a lot of 5’s this season, closing in on Embiid, grabbing his rebound and James blocking his shot.Embiid, who had 36 points, was tired, and lavine stepped up with a slashing dunk and a 3-pointer from Booker to cut the lead to 160-161.Four courses, and the last one, the kill, was not finished.With his back to lavine, James was going to go one on one and try to kill it with a step-back shot.Embiid swooped in, James ignored him, and the ball hit.It’s a sudden-death game, a kill without a timer.The MVP award will go to Curry, of course, but it will also go through the voting process.The NBA has a committee of reporters, which has 11 votes, and one from a pool of online fan votes.As a result, Curry received all 11 votes of the reporters’ committee, and that fan vote went to James.It doesn’t matter who the first All-star Kobe Bryant Trophy goes to. Two stars born in the same place, in the same hospital, have teamed up in a historic All-Star game in Cleveland.This kind of performance art of playing, dunking, throwing and killing is performed live without rehearsal and at one go.If you want to play it again, it won’t be the same.It’s a blessing to see this kind of collaboration.