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▼ ▼ ▼ year 4 today is the day when welcomes private kitchen back Today’s Beijing Olympics It is said that tonight’s opening ceremony In the evening we watch it together (at the end of the article “the a to”) today is the first of the twenty-four solar terms or spring throttle means everything closed to hide the winter is past It is still chilly outsideThe temperature will really picks up And small cloth first take a look at the specific weather ▼ ▼ ▼ future tangshan 7 days the weather weather: 7 days from the weather forecast, the temperature today is lowest, the most high temperature has not yet been to 0 ℃ above, but it is great that temperatures have rebounded, next week can reach the highest temperature 7 ℃, bright sunshine and gentle breeze, all things grow in the spring, come!How should the Start of Spring solar term health?How to eat?After the beginning of spring, nature is full of vitality and everything is thriving. At this time, we should adapt to the scene of vitality in nature.Get up early, appropriately extend sleep time, in order to ease the body, tune up the mood for health methods.The head is the highest part of the human body, and it is where all the Yang channels of the human body converge.Combing your hair every day in spring is a good way to keep in good health.Spring for hair, natural Yang germinating rising, then the human body Yang also comply with nature, there are upward and outward stretch hair characteristics, the performance of pore gradually stretch, metabolism.Therefore, spring combing has xuan Xing stagnation, shu Li qi and blood, the important role of access to Yang qi.Two food to eat less acid more xin more leek coriander spring Yang, diet in addition to pay attention to the rise of Yang, but also to the viscera, should properly eat some cingan divergent products, should eat less sour taste.According to Yi Yin’s Tang Ye Jing, acid purges the liver, which is not conducive to the growth of Yang qi and the drainage of liver qi.Xin Bu liver, you can choose to eat some seasonal simmering divergent spring onion, coriander, leek, shrimp and so on.Three prevent relapse do not prematurely reduce clothes ancient proverb: “100 grass back bud, old disease germination.”Common diseases in spring such as hepatitis, upper respiratory tract infection, allergic asthma, digestive system diseases, mental illness and so on.Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are easy to fluctuate, so special attention should be paid to the prevention of recuperation.”Spring cover autumn cold, do not have miscellaneous diseases” is the name of health and disease prevention.Winter wear several months of cotton clothing, the body heat and heat dissipation adjustment and winter environmental temperature in a relative balance.Once the temperature drops, it will be difficult to adapt to it. The body’s resistance will decrease, and the germs will take advantage of the deficiency to attack the body, which is easy to cause various respiratory diseases and infectious diseases in winter and spring.Four spring season often do three movements 1, rub the hand: refreshing awake three Yin three Yang meridian in the hand, nothing to rub the palm of the hand, the back of the hand, according to the abdomen, fingertips, can recuperate heart and lung.When rubbing the palms, combine the two palms and rub them back and forth.When rubbing the back of the hand, the palm of the opposite side of the back of the hand, up and down.2, sun back: supplement Yang back is the human body du pulse and bladder meridian, in the day the most abundant sunlight time, generally is 11∶00-13∶00, can often sun back, is conducive to nourishing human Yang.3, soaking feet: activating blood and dredging collaterals soaking feet and massaging feet is a good way of health care in spring.Plantar has foot three Yin three Yang meridian cycle, but also intensive systemic viscera reflex area.Spring with warm water bubble feet, you can warm the whole body qi and blood, health.1. Neiguan Point: Anning Xin Neiguan Point is the collateral point of the pericardium meridian of the hand Jueyin, the eight arteries rendezvous point, and the Yin vein.After the start of spring, people are irritable, affecting sleep.At this time, we should knead Neiguan point to help calm the mind and improve sleep quality.Methods: Neiguan point in the middle of our forearm, 2 inches on the wrist stripes.2. Phase Gate point: The five elements of the spring correspond to wood, and the liver belongs to wood, so the spring health is inseparable from nourishing the liver.Qimen point is the collecting point of the liver, and the intersection point of foot Jue Yin, foot Taiyin and Yin wei veins, which has the functions of relaxing the liver, regulating qi, invigorating the spleen and promoting blood circulation.Methods: Phase door point in the body straight under the nipple, the sixth intercostal space (nipple level the fourth intercostal space, the two intercostal Spaces under the nipple).3. Yingxiang point: Yingxiang point belongs to the Large intestine meridian of Hand Yangming.Spring is the high incidence season of influenza, rubbing Yingxiang acupoint has a certain role in the elimination and prevention of cold symptoms, which is important to adhere to.Methods: Yingxiang point was 1.5cm away from both sides of our nasal wing.1. Yellow bean sprouts: nutritious yellow bean sprouts in all the highest nutritional value of bean sprouts, not only can supplement nutrition, to the development of the child, folic acid, riboflavin doubled growth is necessary.2. Wolfberry bud: clear fire clear eyesight appropriate consumption of wolfberry bud clear fire clear eyesight, can enhance immunity and antioxidant capacity, for anti-fatigue and softening blood vessels have certain help.Mung bean sprouts: Detoxifying fire In the eyes of Traditional Chinese medicine, mung bean sprouts are a good medicine.If the spring fire gave birth to oral ulcers, or urine yellow, water after the ears, early eyes are covered with eye excrement, you should eat mung bean sprouts to detoxify.2 spring taste 3 vegetables 1. Chinese toon: appetizer falls fire folk has “often eat Chinese toon does not catch a disease” view.Tell from Angle of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese toon has appetizing, fall the effect of fire, and can protect liver, benefit lung, also have inhibitory effect to a variety of germs.2 shepherd’s purse: clear heat and detoxification shepherd’s purse is rich in protein, which is the advantage that most vegetables do not have.In addition, shepherd’s purse can also clear heat and detoxification, antihypertensive mingmei, eat more in spring, can effectively prevent fire.3. Spinach: Nourish blood and run dry spinach is not only rich in carotene and iron, but also an excellent source of vitamin B6, folic acid and iron.Spinach can also nourish blood and moisten dryness, so it can prevent and cure constipation, and eating spinach regularly is good for the brain.Eating more loquats in spring can help prevent colds. Loquats are known as the first fruit of spring in Southern China.Loquat is rich in carotene, ranking top three among fruits.Pineapple: It helps your digestion. Compared to other seasons of pineapple, spring pineapple is more fragrant and moist, so it’s good to eat in the dry spring months.In addition, it helps digestion, reduces inflammation and edema, and improves blood circulation.3. Strawberry: invigorating the spleen and moistening the lung strawberry is not only recognized as the “first fruit of spring”, but also has the effect of invigorating the spleen, moistening the lung, nourishing the blood and benefiting the qi. It is suitable for all the young and old, especially for the weak.Also can effectively assist in the treatment of spring prone to throat pain, lung heat cough, long boil and other diseases.The start of Spring focuses on preventing these three diseases 1 hypertension spring, where there is hyperactivity of liver Yang people are particularly prone to headache, dizziness.Therefore, patients with hypertension, once feel dizzy, head pain, in addition to repeated monitoring of their blood pressure, under the guidance of the doctor to adjust the antihypertensive drugs, but also pay attention to light diet, control salt, cholesterol, fat intake, strict smoking cessation and alcohol limit.2 Digestive ulcer Gastric and duodenal ulcers tend to occur in spring, leading to upper abdominal bloating, pain, frequent belching, acid reflux, loss of appetite and other symptoms.So spring to the spleen and stomach to carry out comprehensive recuperation.3 Chronic liver diseases that tend to worsen in spring include chronic viral hepatitis and primary liver cancer, and spring is also the best season for liver disease treatment.Liver wood meets spring, the gas of liver wood slants prosperous, give effective treatment at this time, can achieve twice the result with half the effort.Have need of small companion son hurry collect ~ today can be really a good day!Evening eating spring cake to see the Winter Olympics, the arrangement is clear!People’s Daily China Weather Network CCTV Life circle Edited by Song Wei, TangshanpressThe copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: