After the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Zhang Yimou’s “Sniper” began to explode

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Three days before the opening ceremony, Zhang Yimou’s “Sniper” was Cao’s first choice.Why is that?Because Cao always trusts Zhang Yimou’s films.In fact, now the film is becoming more and more fragmented, perhaps with the improvement of the film industry.More and more of our movies are looking for big scenes or special effects, and even comedy movies are relying on jokes to make humorous collections.It seems that no one is willing to tell a story and portray characters with heart.The reason is that the writers had to settle down and read the whole intro and promo.”Sniper”, a film co-directed by Zhang Yimou and his daughter, seems to belong to this category.The masterpiece sniper did not disappoint after watching the film, compared with several other Spring Festival films.Can evaluate Zhang Yimou’s film is small and beautiful, should be the highest level.First, on the scene, although the whole movie scene of Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake is grand, it is still an industrialized movie.The whole thing was a huge production that was done in a studio.Immersion is not good, always play.Some big scenes look like animation production, the most problematic is the snow scene, from the northeast children really see that kind of snow scene, no matter how grand the production feel bad.The sniper scenes don’t have this problem, because the scenes are so realistic that they don’t play out.Second, “Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake” is focused on the wonderful degree of combat, and the grand patriotic feelings.But “Sniper” is to save comrades, fighting not forgetting the family’s cousin (lover, sichuan dialect), not forgetting the house is being repaired, not forgetting their classmates (comrades).Of course, the ultimate sacrifice behind or because of patriotism.Thirdly, the reason why the film Sniper has not been exposed to this kind of film for a long time is that it shows the whole fighting period of about one day, which is the story scene of a concentrated period.We haven’t had a similar film and television work for a long time, usually with a long time span and many scenes.It’s fast, but there’s no detail.Jiang or Zhang Yimou’s la never expected, the whole Spring Festival, such an excellent film work but because of publicity, subject matter, the story itself of the limitations encountered no screening.This is the sorrow of Chinese films.Up to today, When Lao Cao posts, “Sniper” has not even had a total box office of 200 million.You know, Sniper has the highest rating on Douban during the Spring Festival.See yesterday after the opening ceremony of the Olympic winter games, the old cao optimistic that starting today, zhang yimou’s film “sniper” to start sharply counter attack, a few days before the counter attack is word of mouth of fermentation, and starting today we thank and hard work of zhang in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, to be in the box of “sniper” specific recognition!Well, for the moment!Hope to have the same identification of friends, we point praise for the alliance after the article, together support Zhang Yimou director!Zhang Yimou’s “Sniper” from today will shock counterattack!