Only China controls the world!Another cutting-edge technology, rejected three times by the United States

2022-07-13 0 By

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, important breakthroughs have been made in various fields, and the level of science and technology has also been greatly improved.No matter in the aerospace industry or the communications industry, we have always adhered to independent innovation and development and achieved satisfactory results.Nowadays, China has become the world’s attention of science and technology power, once a breakthrough in scientific research, will attract the attention of the world.In fact, in the early stage of China’s development, the economic strength is still relatively backward, coupled with intentional obstruction by western countries, so that the development of various fields is slow.However, with the unremitting efforts of researchers, China finally broke the shackles and embarked on the road of scientific and technological power.However, in the face of China’s rapid development, some countries can not sit still, and even use despicable means to suppress, the previous 5G is a best example.However, Korea remained unmoved and developed many cutting-edge technologies.Now, a good news came from our country, another cutting-edge technology was born, our country became the biggest winner.It is understood that this technology is “3D metal printing technology”, the world is only mastered in China.As soon as this news was issued, it immediately attracted wide attention around the world and was the envy of western countries.It is reported that 3D metal printing technology is a core secret and many countries, including the United States, are eager to.In order to ensure that the technology is not leaked, China has explicitly prohibited the export of the technology, so the US has been rejected three times.For a long time, China has shortcomings in scientific research, especially in some precision machining technologies.Under such circumstances, China’s science and technology industry is restricted from making major breakthroughs.However, with the efforts of the research team, the 3D metal printing technology has finally been overcome, which has also raised China’s industrial technology to a new height.As a result, we are able to produce more advanced CNC machine tools that reduce the precision of components to the nanometer level.It is worth mentioning that China has used this technology to develop a 3D printing CNC machine tool integrated with casting, forging and milling, which won the first case in the world.With the help of this 3D machine tool, China can not only integrate some special materials, but also create any object we want.It can be said that the emergence of this cutting-edge technology is of great significance to the future development of our country.