Zhao Long went to Pingtan, Fuzhou New Area for research and chaired a joint meeting

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17 solstice 18, the governor of neal pingtan comprehensive experimental area in fuzhou district, research and chaired a joint meeting, coordinate to solve issues related to research, emphasizes to thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary of the important speech spirit of important instructions instructions, inheriting carry forward jinping general secretary in fujian pioneered important concept and major practice at work,In accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party Committee to implement the action of “Improving efficiency, efficiency and Efficiency”, we will accelerate the high-quality integrated development of Fuzhou New Area and Pingtan Comprehensive experimental Area from a new starting point.Provincial leaders Lin Baojin, Guo Ningning attended the meeting.Fuzhou district is the first state-level new district in our province, neal came to fuzhou jiangyin harbour city economic zone, detailed understanding of port planning, port construction, industry development, the field view wanhua chemical (fujian) industrial park construction, told authorities should be tracking service, to support efforts to improve infrastructure, strengthen port-vicinity industry, bigger and stronger high-end industrial chain.At CNPC Fuqing Nuclear Power Co., LTD., Zhao long had a detailed knowledge of the operation of Hualong One unit, China’s third-generation independent nuclear power plant, and hoped that the company would coordinate development and safety, steadily supply clean electricity, and help achieve the goal of “dual carbon”.In Pingtan, Zhao long had in-depth exchanges with leaders of Taiwan-funded enterprises and institutions, such as Zongren Technology Company, Huaxin Logistics Company and Yuda Sophia Bilingual Kindergarten, encouraging them to innovate their business models and encouraging more Taiwan-funded young people to come to Fujian for employment and entrepreneurship.Zhao long inspected the passenger inspection building and terminal facilities of the Former Passenger rolling terminal in Macao, encouraging the operators to actively seek innovation and change to better cope with the impact of the epidemic.Zhao long learned about the construction of the international Austronesian language archaeological research base, stressing that the origin and migration of austronesian language should be thoroughly studied and clearly explained, and the human civilization, Chinese civilization and characteristic culture should be displayed.At the joint meeting, the provincial Development and Reform Commission, Fuzhou New Area, Pingtan comprehensive experimental area responsible comrades reported the relevant work situation, the provincial directly related departments responded one by one.Zhao long pointed out that since the establishment of fuzhou New Area and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core and under the direct leadership of the provincial Party Committee, economic development and various constructions have achieved obvious results.At present, Fuzhou New Area and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area are facing new situations and new opportunities. All levels and departments should further improve their political positions, enhance their ideological understanding, bear in mind the “great power of the country”, and promote the construction and development of Fuzhou New Area and Pingtan Comprehensive experimental Area to achieve new achievements with greater strength and more concrete measures.We will take concrete actions to faithfully support the “two principles” and firmly uphold the “two principles”.Zhao long stressed, to establish a global awareness, strengthen the system concept, efficient linkage, coordinated force, overall planning layout, explore out of the new area and experimental area integration of high-quality development road.We need to make concerted efforts in infrastructure connectivity, develop transportation, logistics, pipe networks and information networks appropriately and ahead of schedule, and promote connectivity and interaction.We should make concerted efforts to develop the digital economy, Marine economy, green economy, culture and tourism economy, and accelerate the building of a modern industrial system.We need to make concerted efforts in institutional innovation, deepen reform to delegate power, delegate power, and improve regulation and services, and lead by example in creating a market-based and law-based international business environment.We should make concerted efforts to create a high-quality life, unswervingly promote the integration of industries and urban residents, and constantly improve supporting industries and living environments.We need to make concerted efforts to protect the ecological environment, speed up the development of beautiful bays, and create an ecological space that is more prominent and green.We need to make concerted efforts to promote integration between Fujian and Taiwan, work harder to promote mutual understanding, mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and speed up the building of an important window for cross-Straits cooperation.To play a role of good joint meeting mechanism, focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, efficiency, the problem of direction, comb, break through the bottleneck, to formulate the task list, strengthen supervision and restraint, periodically review report, air is basked in assessment, ensure to obtain good results, all to promote the development of high quality beyond, promote the reunification of motherland to make a greater contribution.