Civil Aviation Administration of China on the public recruitment of legal counsel law firm notice

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Civil Aviation Resources Website, February 8, 2022 news:On February 8, the civil aviation administration announced that for the further implementation of the CPC Central Committee and state council on promoting the rule of law and building the rule of law government decision-making and deployment, continuously improve the ability of civil aviation administration according to law, the civil aviation administration intends to choose way through competitive than public hiring two law firms as the civil aviation administration, legal counsel to provide legal consultation, the civil aviation administration litigation, etc.The work plan is hereby announced as follows, and law firms with interest are welcome to participate in the recruitment.1. Strong service capacity in administrative law, aviation law, economic law, civil and commercial law, Procedural law, international law and other fields, with a good social reputation in the industry;2. Be able to perform the relevant obligations in strict accordance with the contract during the contract period and provide quality services as best as possible;3. Can strictly abide by the work regulations of Civil Aviation Administration of China, obey the work arrangements, observe the relevant work discipline, can strictly keep state secrets and work secrets;4. Ensure that the service team leader can timely attend relevant meetings and provide relevant services, and ensure that the service team leader will not be changed due to the reason of the law firm during the contract period;5. Guarantee the city transportation cost necessary for performing the task of responding to lawsuits in court;6. The law firm has been established for more than 5 years (as of the date of this announcement), and has more than 50 full-time lawyers based in Beijing;7. No serious administrative punishment, industrial punishment or other bad records in the past three years.(2) Requirements for the service Team The leader of the service team should have high political quality, support the theory, line, principles and policies of the CPC, and should generally be a CPC member;Having not been subjected to criminal punishment, administrative punishment by judicial administrative departments, party discipline or trade sanctions;I have been engaged in civil aviation related legal affairs for a long time, and have legal adviser experience in government departments. I have represented civil aviation administrative organs and departments of The State Council in administrative litigation cases and achieved good performance. I have more than 5 years of working experience.(I) Provide legal advisory services for civil Aviation Administration in drafting important legislative documents, administrative normative documents and other administrative acts, conduct legal demonstration and issue legal opinions;(ii) Demonstrate the legality of major legal affairs and administrative decisions of Civil Aviation Administration, issue legal opinions and affix the official seal of law firms;(3) to assist in handling civil aviation administrative litigation, administrative reconsideration and arbitration cases, and to put forward legal suggestions and special reports on typical issues in administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation cases;(iv) Participate in major project negotiations of CIVIL Aviation Administration, draft, review and revise administrative agreements, civil and commercial contracts and other important legal documents concluded in the name of Civil Aviation Administration, and issue legal opinions;(5) Participate in the handling of letters and visits and major emergencies and issue legal opinions as required by CAAC;(6) Attend relevant meetings as required by Civil Aviation Administration, and provide consultation, investigation, demonstration and other services for legal issues involved in other work of Civil Aviation Administration;(vii) Other legal services proposed by Civil Aviation Administration and confirmed by both parties.Civil Aviation Administration will sign a one-year contract with the successful law firm. Upon expiration of the contract, the contract can be renewed upon mutual agreement of both parties after excellent performance appraisal.Within 3 years after the termination of cooperation, it shall not act as the entrusted agent of the other party for administrative reconsideration cases with Civil Aviation Administration as the respondent or litigation and compensation cases with Civil Aviation Administration as the defendant.The specific rights and obligations of the legal adviser are formally defined in the contract.Selection procedures Selection shall be conducted by competitive competition.Law firms with the intention to participate shall prepare relevant materials in advance according to the conditions proposed by civil Aviation Administration.Civil Aviation Administration shall collect the recruitment materials and conduct the selection together with relevant units according to the basic information of the law firm, previous performance, service team situation, service fee standard and other conditions.If necessary, the representatives of the candidate firms will be invited to make competitive statements.After the evaluation, civil Aviation Administration confirmed and announced 2 consulting law firms.(I) A copy of the practicing license of the law firm and its basic information (with the official seal of the law firm);(2) previous performance, especially the performance of legal adviser in government departments and relevant legal services in the field of civil aviation;(iii) Basic information of the proposed legal advisory service team and members of CAAC;(iv) Propose the corresponding service fee standard and service plan according to the requirements of legal adviser’s duties and recruitment conditions in this plan;(V) The law firm has no adverse records of major administrative punishment or industrial punishment in recent 3 years, and the letter of commitment (with the official seal of the law firm) that the principal of the service team has not received administrative punishment from the judicial administrative department, party discipline or industrial punishment.Interested law firms should mail the above application materials (Chinese) in 10 copies to the Department of Policies and Regulations of Civil Aviation Administration before February 18, 2022. The application documents should be sealed and the words of “Applying to the Legal Consulting firm of Civil Aviation Administration” should be marked on the envelope.The election law shall be responsible for the authenticity of the materials provided. If there is any fraud, the bureau will cancel the qualification of the candidate and report to the relevant departments.Mailing Address: Department of Policies and Regulations, Civil Aviation Administration, No.155 dongsi West Street, Dongcheng District, BeijingContact number: 010-64091307