Debao: At the moment of the epidemic, volunteers are taking action

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“My idea is very simple, is to want to make a contribution to the hometown, now is the hometown needs us, we must unite, action, although it is a meager strength, but I believe we can work together to tide over the difficulties.”At the nucleic acid sample point of debao county stadium, volunteers dressed in a red waistcoat Xiong Jiashi told me that he was a junior student from jilin university of foreign studies, this year’s winter vacation to return to debao with family reunions, unexpectedly hit home emergency outbreak, even if the volunteer service is not counted in the volunteer service at the university of his time, he also still not hesitate,Without hesitation, I immediately volunteered to join the volunteer team for epidemic prevention and control, just to make my own contribution.Debao County Longguang Township part of returning college students volunteers today (note:February 5, 2022) is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, which should be a good day for family reunions and the opening of shops. However, an emergency epidemic prevention and control announcement in the early morning broke all the peace. Faced with the occurrence of COVID-19 positive patients, Debao County immediately activated the emergency response plan for epidemic prevention and control, and the staff and medical staff of various departments were urgently dispatched.The whole county was mobilized overnight to carry out nucleic acid testing, but even if the cadres of all government agencies and institutions were urgently returned to their posts, they were still far short of manpower in the face of this large-scale epidemic prevention task.To this end, the Debao County Committee of the Communist Youth League urgently issued the announcement of Recruitment of Young Volunteers for Epidemic Prevention and control in Debao County. In just one night, the number of applicants reached more than 1,000, and the number is still increasing. Even at 1:00 in the morning, more than 20 volunteers took the initiative to participate in the preparation of nucleic acid testing sites.Among them are college students who have returned to their hometowns, demobilized soldiers, young people who have returned from work, and people from all walks of life. But at this moment, they have a common identity: volunteers for epidemic prevention and control.Volunteers at the nucleic acid sampling site in Debao County gymnasium guide the masses to fill in information and maintain the order of the procession.”Aunt, you need to input personal information on the GUI nucleic acid platform first, and then scan the code before you can carry out nucleic acid detection.””Hello, trouble to give me your ID card and residence address, I help you input information.””Please stand back and keep your distance.””After nucleic acid, you should stay at home and do quarantine. Don’t go out or eat together. Wear masks and take precautions.”Two young volunteers from debao county closed Xiao shuttle yoon do the nucleic acid of the line, tearing voice transmission and epidemic prevention information and guide the orderly queue to keep spacing, remind them in advance for nucleic acid detection code to improve efficiency, help not know how to use the old man to fill in information of smart phones, claims for testing code, seemingly simple work, but at her repeated constantly being renewed.”As soon as I saw the notice last night, I signed up with my colleagues, but we haven’t been arranged yet. So I came here with my colleagues in advance as volunteers to help do something we can, hoping to make the medical staff feel more relaxed.”Home has a call, volunteer teams have action.Long Guang in debao county township, a group of college volunteers, returning home with cold weather, will focus on the early CunTun card points, most of them no one organization, are actively involved in the epidemic prevention and control of each work: temperature, vehicles personnel registration, door to door visit screening, asked about living history, to assist the village “two committees” fill out a form, printed material…Within a few hours, they had become familiar with the work.”Outbreak did not happen before, our country has more than 30 volunteers, responsible for each card point of unattended, daily after a positive patients, at present our volunteers have increased to more than 200, are autonomous enrolment, before task orders, they will actively work to various points in succession, not sleeping, from their body,I am confident that this is an uphill battle we will win and we will win.”Longguang township propaganda committee member Huang Hua Hui regrets said.Up to now, debao county has 250 volunteers, 100 at epidemic prevention and control publicity centers, and 800 at nucleic acid testing centers.In the county’s 73 nucleic acid sampling sites and on the front lines of epidemic prevention and control, volunteers can be seen everywhere. With their practical actions, they have built a warm “epidemic prevention wall” for the people of Debao County.