In the 121 paragraph, he just dewar with Lai God, and then angry at Gu Shadow in the summit game, which dehua can not keep

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Recently in a top game solitary shadow crash is given priority to with sowing of reason, and the picture is not like other anchor crash in harmony, but because of a BAN a quarrel up, the whole board game both sides have been Dui, until now, so the attitudes are thought oneself not wrong, said to put the whole game out not to delete, then who is the problem?Let’s take a look.This game in the selection of heroes when the first floor resigned to teammates BAN mirror this hero, and in the resignation issued “please disable mirror” before the message, lone shadow has early BAN off big Joe, because of the king of glory display problem, the fourth floor of the lone shadow BAN so show in BAN hero pool first position.After that, other players also have their own ideas, and finally no one refused to disable the mirror hero, and the story of the mirror was exploded in the last game directly broke the defense, after seeing the lone shadow pre-selected hero is LAN, direct anger against the lone shadow does not play mirror nor BAN mirror, is it NT?And solitary shadow itself is not a good temper, directly back against back.Solitary shadow directly questioned the words afraid of the mirror this hero why to play the summit game, and words also asked solitary shadow why you so food also play I can’t play?After that, the two sides began to fight each other unlimitedly. however, after the game, some water friends thought that the game was caused by the words, but directly replied that the game would not be deleted, because the words caused the rhythm of the game to increase.After this incident, some players also thought of the previous confrontation between Lai God and lai God. In that game, lai God cheated lai God by the game, and after the game, lai God’s water friends questioned the operation of lai God, so he directly said that if it wasn’t for Dehua, they would have turned against Lai God.And last time does have some problems, the words of god, the god of lai to god and therefore we don’t know what really happened between, so don’t have much to discuss, and this is the reason that the problem obviously, things happen after also a pair of doesn’t matter you don’t have to do wrong, even if Lv Dehua to estimate under this would not quit.Personal opinion:To tell you the truth so that the temper do have changed, as the host, so that the power is really good, period of shunt of grade 121, led and tackled sherry before TUT team, is the current god chicken battalion formed the captain of the team, but indeed there are still big problems, before also and many anchors have contradiction, from TUT clan is embarrassed when leave,Now the only good relationship is lui Dehua, of course, apart from the relationship, as an anchor just because his teammates can’t help but want to ban the hero is also bad behavior.