Let’s see what gifts old Shanghai people bring when visiting relatives and friends

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Happy New Year from the first day to the fifteenth day of the first month, visiting relatives and friends are considered New Year.Starting from the second day of the Chinese New Year, people always carry some gifts to show their respect to relatives and friends.From that day on, the streets were full of people carrying different kinds of gifts.It was originally a fruit snack.By the 80s, cream cakes were the new thing.There was less pure butter, but more butter cakes were made in margarine.The cake is also decorated with peach, dragon and phoenix, flowers and other patterns, quite beautiful.Because of its large size, good-looking appearance, and creamy gimmick, it became the first choice for people to visit relatives at that time.Toffee, cookies and ginseng royal jelly were all the rage.The host prepared snacks, candy and tea early to treat the guests.The dessert was mostly lard gnocchi.Candy is “mixed candy”, usually five or six kinds of candy mixed together.To relatives, adults will always take care of the children: to be small guests, to be polite, can not take other people’s things.But relatives of father-in-law, mother-in-law, uncle, aunt, see the little guests come, not only to give a red envelope, but also filled with a melon seeds, a peanut, a sugar, in the children’s bag loaded with a lot of delicious.With the development of The Times, New Year’s greetings are constantly updated and changed.In addition to the regular visit to the New Year, the 80’s, the popular citizens send New Year’s cards to pay New Year’s greetings, and the post office sold New Year’s cards, New Year’s postcards in March there are lucky draw (winning friends, raise a hand in the comments);In the 1990s, landline phones became popular, and New Year calls between friends and relatives became fashionable.After the popular BP machine New Year, send each other copy machine New Year greetings;Later, electronic greeting cards were sent through computers.After the popularity of mobile network, mobile phone SMS blessing, wechat blessing, online New Year red envelopes and so on are more and more common, New Year forms are more diverse.How did you pay a New Year call this year?Hongkou, a landmark, appeared in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.Who would you pick for hongkou food?❸ tears eye!Baymax’s New Year’s letter to The airportIn 2025, you will see this change in Hongkou