120,000rmb 2021 BYD Qin PLUS, is it right to buy it?The owner talked about why he chose this car

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Everybody is good!I am the owner of Qin PLUS, from Shenzhen. The model I proposed is “2021 DM-I 120KM Noble Model “. The purchase price is 120,000 yuan, the driving distance is 700km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 4.5L.First, the reason for choosing this car focuses on comprehensive strength. Now I think I really love this car, which can well meet the needs of family life and will not bring too much economic burden to the family.The whole front face reveals the texture, the front face is also very domineering, the feeling of supremacy, do very beautiful.Two, the appearance and the feeling of the interior design style is very good-looking, there is no redundant design.The design is very simple and smooth, with high head-turning rate, which is very suitable for young people’s appetite. It is very recognizable. I really like the appearance of this car.The style is quite good, the caboose looks also more atmosphere, has the face.The overall workmanship is also good, simple style fresh and crisp, texture is very good, good detail processing texture, good design layout, and the use of materials is also very carefully, a penny for goods, not too much decoration, too much design, but it is better than the other cars I saw before.Three, by feelings of space right, for my own car feel enough, the space is capacious, can be very comfortable stretch, also did not feel crowded, and many of the small storage grid design, secondly the rear space is that it is more comfortable, daily use is very convenient, it is enough for our family.Feel very comfortable to sit on, give me a large operating space, in the back will not feel too depressed, can casually stretch their arms and legs.The seat details are also very good, the chair back and chair seat fit is also very suitable, the touch is very comfortable, the design style is very simple, the sound insulation effect is also very good.Four, driving experience dealing with daily driving is very easy, accelerating performance is pretty good, both to and from work commute instead of walking or running a long distance, daily started out gas vehicle does not seem to be very lazy, to the kind of carefree feeling, you want the car don’t have any difficult situation, as a family car, power enough.Good sense of driving participation, especially labor-saving control, no feeling of effort, brake is very sensitive, steering wheel is easy to control, the control of light driving feeling is very good, especially smooth and smooth.The stability of the steering wheel is also good, it is very comfortable to drive, even as a novice can also use.In terms of fuel consumption, the energy consumption of the car is more economical and energy-saving. The whole car is really a relatively economical car. I did not expect that this price can also buy such a real thing, and the daily use can still meet the demand.It would be perfect if it was a little bit lower, and I think the fuel consumption of the car is about right.1. Highlights of this car.It is reflected from the aspect of appearance level or fuel consumption is very good, with very just right, simple and generous, has not make public simple beauty, the design is very outstanding, for it is very good, comprehensive performance is better, no matter from which point of view I buy it is right.2. Deficiencies.At the beginning, I chose a lot of cars at the same price, but I finally chose it. The overall is very good, otherwise it would not have made the final choice, and other aspects of performance is not bad, this is a good car for me.So far, the performance isn’t too much of a drag.3. Is it worth buying?The overall performance is still comprehensive, cost-effective is beyond doubt, or very good, the configuration is also very rich, compared with other cars, combined with this price to consider, it is not low configuration, driving feeling is more comfortable, and then the appearance is beautiful, there is no fault, cost-effective is good.